That Moment When 8: Strange days stranger nights

Tmw you are interested in the occult and you take a survey over the phone where they ask if you have rare interests and you say no. Very secretive, I am. Stay in the shadows folks.:ninja:

Tmw the above story is looong overdue.

TMW can this month end already ?

Tmw well it seems I got exactly what I was looking for by taking the Monroe institute’s gateway voyage program. I was able to get an oobe last night. Fuck things are changing for me!

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To make this story better, the surveyor was my own brother.

To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent


TMW you’re in the middle of a cursing ritual that you’ve prepared everything, your intuition tells you that you need to offer a sacrifice to get into a hollow wax head and…

Suddenly you find a fallen bird, recently dead near the pit fire, so you thank the Demon and use that bird as a sacrifice.


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Rocked out in Jacksonville , Fl. Last night! :metal:


Now i got this bad boy lurking


I saw slipknot a few weeks back. It was amazing.

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Awesome!!! I bet that was a great concert.

I was in Jacksonville, fla. It was storming. But they still did an awesome show. It was was Joan Jett, Poison, Motley Crue and Def Leppard.

Bret Michaels was really sick, some kind of meds interfered with his diabetes. But he still rocked it!
And Motley Crue is always a beast. Joan Jett was great! They were all great really! It was the Stadium Tour.

I saw Kiss last September in Atl., Ryan Upchurch back in april.

But seeing all those amazing bands together in one show was :fire:!

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