That Moment When 8: Strange days stranger nights

Tmw you take a last minute personal day off work. Sometimes you just gotta say fuckit

Pfft, that’s way too efficient, my friend…

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True, you also have 0 chance of accidentally stabbing yourself and giving a spur of the moment sacrifice.

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You triggered the obligatory video

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Tmw I need to really get a pedicure tool cause I use my fingers to pull the callous thick skin off the bottom of my feet to close to a sensitive areas

And by areas I mean to the point you start to bleed if you pull to much layers of dead skin

I get that same problem. Usually nail/cuticle clippers work well to remove that area of skin when it starts to get to the tender areas without leaving a flap of skin behind that could keep peeling.

It hurts kinda to walk on my right foot cause of it…but regardless how’s your day

The best thing there then is to put some salve or antibiotic ointment on there and bandage it up so it heals quickly and softens the skin around it so it’s more comfortable.

And overall okay so far. Only 4 hours into the day and nothing disasterous has happened yet lol. Yourself?

I gotta clean my room up some more…plus figure out what meals to make next week

TMW you find your old enochian script you used to find your present job. You read it, and few days later you have phone call from other company where you were on recruitment and they ask if you are still search for job. Lol this enochian…


May I inquire into this Enochian script? Is it like LOA “scripting” but written in Enochian?

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I’m gonna make French onion chicken next week…i might serve it with plain white rice on the side…or roasted potatoes

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I don’t know, i newer used LOA scripting, but probably it is similar. I can provide the script text.

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Feel free to PM if you would like. I’m curious as to its genesis.

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TMW I’m convinced The Kybalion might be the greatest occult work ever written.

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That moment when your Sprinting the end of your 8th mile jog
Listening to your own personal magical working motivation music
and screaming across the finish line…

A transformer explodes a few feet in front of you :flushed:

2 am

No one around on the street…

Ummmm did I just self actualize too much energy with no one around to witness it dammit :joy::joy::joy::joy:


TMW you realize that you need to open more windows when the incense disks come out.

Thankfully, I’m in another room and separated by an exterior door, so this isn’t coating my lungs for the duration.


Tbt. This one’s a couple years old but is my absolute favorite of me and the boy.


you got up at 5:30 in the morning completely for nothing :upside_down_face:


I have a hard time sleeping past 6 am now. Getting old is bullshit and I don’t want to do it…