That Moment When 8: And now for something completely different

Motley Crue! For sure! Duran Duran!
All those good tunes!

Big Hair Bands!


Hungry like the wolf!


Well you can’t exactly dance to Metallica after all. You can to some of the hair :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just remember the hairspray.

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Don’t worry I have my aqua net by the gallon :joy:


Well my seasonal job is going okay, I’ll be working 3 days next week during Thanksgiving break…and I might get a holiday bonus so…i also got my hair cut yesterday as it was too long to deal with it

TMW your nephew gets off the school bus with a handful of money. I asked him, where did you get all that money?

And he says, I sell snacks at school :joy:

He made 38 dollars today !

:joy::joy: hes 11!


Going places.

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TMW you get shivers out of trying to remember your dreams once awake.

And how is the lovely Blanche doing? :smiley_cat:

I’m afraid she passed a couple of months ago. Aggressive mouth cancer. By the time I asked for help it was already going to take a miracle, and it improved a little but was worsening faster than I could heal it.
She was 22, she had a good run. :slight_smile:

On the bright side, I worked with Samael and Ebuhuel to provide safe passage out of the reincarnation zone and watched her transform. She informed me her name was actually Solari, or something like that, and she was gone, gone. Unlike other cats I’ve not seen any astral remnants or her ghost either.


How sad, I am so sorry :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face:

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They may have crushed and broken a lot of things, but these cheap ass, dirty, eye lights made it…


Ooooh creepy. Eyelights. I like em :+1:


The bushes grew so fast in Hawaii that they overthrew the other two strands and we couldn’t save them. Got them at Walmart, iirc.

Wait…so she’s not going to reincarnate?

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If she wants to, and not if she doesn’t, and who knows if that will be on Earth? :slight_smile:


Ahhh I understand :slight_smile:

When you find out you have all this coming week to do nothing but magick! :star_struck:

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