That Moment When 6: Happy Trails to TMW! I'll Hope to See You Soon!

Right now I will take it. I was in a hurry to leave Alaska but I think I am going to miss the snow when it is still all fluffy and white.

On the upside, cuddling is that much nicer when it’s colder than a well-diggers arse.


I have no one to cuddle with in rl at my place :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Which one is it? :eyes:

Bruh I was about to say the same thing … I’m so smashed right now :joy:

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I know that feeling. That’s why I have about pillow somewhere that’s an Otome character.

Miss lexa big bad wolf video…don’t judge me


I would do a letter of intent or politely ask Asmodeus but idk if he be okay with cuddling


I’m impressed. :cocktail:

I am random with porn videos…plus its hard looking for a video I like

Omg! Maybe? I made the decision to follow the path I have been pulled to all my life and almost as soon as I did that someone jumped in bed. I was like who is having sex with me. From that point in I gave up on trying to rationalize anything.

Yea…plus it be nice to have strong arms to hold me while I slept for once and not get ignored constantly cause I want affection


Preach Sister Preach. I totally get that. A girl just wants to be held sometimes.



In more ways than one…my past relationships were pretty bad that i admittedly do get jealous of those I knew in high school that are married and having kids and boasting about it…back in high school a few people pretty much said how ill never get married and will be alone for the rest of my life cause of being so big


Fuck then. You are going to have everything you want and then some. But made the mistake of marrying the guy I was dating in HS. Started dating at 18, married at 20 and had my son at 22. He turned out to me a MAJOR CEATER AND SHIT BAG. I should have listened to my mom and grandma. Only thing worth it was my son.

You will find the right guy he is out there. But marriage isn’t all that it is romanized to be. For me it suck and I as worse then the worst image of hell.


Ok rant is over.

You will get all you desire and then some hun. Trust me :smiley:

Tmw legal disclaimer: I have no association or participation in the massive increase of horny goat weed extract being present in all of the UK’s water supplies. It would be unethical to use multiple countries as an experiment for a possible solution to help ease the sense of division in another without consent or a reward system of the subjects afterall.


Omg… This was the most epic reply I have ever seen. You are amazing :joy::rofl:


Tmw messing with wife

Her: -watches girl punch boyfriend in an anime- at least I’ve never done that to you
Me: nah, but you did get me good in the windpipe while sleeping once
Her: That was our first time sleeping in the same bed though!
Me: yes, and I do have to admit that you are a very efficient alarm clock.


I am here all week lol.