That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


“Fallopian…such a savoury word”


That moment when someone drawing of Lucifer in the art thread looks like they were drawing the pic I used for my avatar, including my head tilt. :no_mouth:


Your avatar is perfect for this post.


Its even perfect for my mood :smiley:


Oh no xD Mr Bubz, please, behave.


My S.O. now follows that IG from hell, thank you


You are so full of hellfire from your lake of fire working that you feel your whole self being burned. Hell yeah good feeling. :smiling_imp::metal:


Dem Postal oneliners xP


Niceeeeeeeeeeee we should marry


Ow yeah! Let the flowers grow!


Tmw you wake up and need caffiene


Aaaaaaah thats the stuff


Tmw you are never gonna do any banishing without incense anymore.


TMW You’re always a deviant in public.


Tmw its getting hotter outside and you wish you could make it cooler


TMW you hear a voice lamenting during your meditation and you’re like “Shoo. Fuck off”


TMW you see I movie and it hits a little bit to close for comfort.


That moment when you perform your first ritual for Marquis Shax


I’m doing @Xag_darklight’s Week long ritual and today was the first day. This is what I saw pretty much

And I smelt Vanilla and now some kind of wood smell


TMW you cant wait till vacation next week, to Werningerode and the Brocken mountain!!