That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


Cease and desist? I can smell the alligator briefcase from here.

You guys better leave her out of this.


Why @IrisAthena


Eishhh Don’t be a dick
Take one instead :wink:


Cause you can have different opinions on killing people or other animals, but it just seems evil to kill someone’s dog. Unless it’s a super asshole dog, but still. DOG!


I just wanted her to suffer :hugs::hugs::hugs:


You are experienced in this huh :smiley:


Leave the puppers alone. :slightly_frowning_face:


I don’t have traditional pets lol
Just men


It seems like you have a dog Iris :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh she got hoes.




Could always do with a few more :wink:


My tongue is too slick and perverse for your twat.


Just the way daddy likes it :slight_smile:


Yep,the BALG we miss and love is back.


That so? I’mma ask you what I asked @Littleshart. How big is your butt, and does it jiggle?


And now the kinky talk comes back


Yes it does jiggle,it even can read a book.


You were hungry for this,come on now.


Yes and yes