That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


Say no more. I totally understand


Man, Kanye is legit retarded.


How big is your butt and does it jiggle?


Does it really matter ?


Regardless of the situation, butt jiggle always matters.


This man knows what he’s talking about.


TMW why does System do this?

“Automatically removed quote of the whole previous post”

I would understand if it was more than a few lines, and it’s annoying when it happens because replies don’t always notify.


I like the sounds of cheeks slapping against my pelvis. But it has to sound like farts, not a punching bag.




bro that’s nasty


You mean sharts lol


I ain’t mean it like that. Although I’m not against the queefers.



That booty clap though.


Listen, anyone into anal gonna have to live with a little chocolate magic on their members.


So you’re going to have to conjure up a dog first lol


As you wish
@Oddnan come here


I don’t know, but for some reason I want to be left out of this narrative


I fucking love BALG sometimes!




Damn, man, that was dark.