That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


I use euros, so its more of a no


Wait, there are people who don’t use freedombucks to buy things?


Actually a rather nice way to tell someone to shut the fuck up.


Yeah he’s crazy. Hey @Akashiel stop being crazy.


Yeah, freedombucks are the best. No idea why someone wouldn’t use them lol.


I’ll be as crazy as I want.


Just don’t horde 300 cats.


That’s a relief. I was horrified someone would have that as their name. @Littleshart, so is your name like Little’s Hart?


tmw I once again need to walk an hour to get my package due to the postal services stubborn refusal to deliver to the right pickup location


I thought that at first but then he said it was supposed to be shark with a ‘t’


Or pour your milk before the cereal. Damn psychopaths


That moment when you’re 28 and can barely convince people that you’re over 18 because you look young.


Wait, you pour the cereal first? You monster!


I’m so confused!


My cat army will conquer Finland and then the world. And I shall make Akashiel dubloons the only accepted currency


I just changed shark into shart because it sound funny to me,I didnt know it did have a meaning let alone that.


I was too lmao
I’ll let him explain


The cream of the crap don’t you think?


Absolutely yes sir.


Well, this applies to a question I’ve had. Can we change our names on here? Or do you have to make a new account? :thinking: