That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


goes over to grab a wine


That moment when you download the app that @Aquas_Veritem mentioned and immediatly feel infernal energy


What app? You mean Discourse?

Or are you talking about that app I mentioned in my other thread about the goetics, Goetia Guide. I only found that one because someone made a thread about it months ago.


I didn’t realize how long ago you mentioned it :sweat_smile: but yea goetia guide


BALG forum Quote Of The Week! :+1: :laughing:


It’s been very helpful with my big Goetic Operation that I’ve been doing. Having the sigils, enns, and primary associations as well as a fairly solid description of each spirit’s abilities is really useful when you’re speedrunning the Goetics like I am.


There needs to be a Quote of the Week thread now where only you can post in it, but everyone can read. Like a weekly BALG newsletter, that has that as a section in it.


The guy she goes on a date with (and still dating i think) is hotttt


Yeah but I only like the warped stuff and that might end up setting a bad example! :rofl:

Ref: the colonization topic, I’m thinking of doing a blog topic on here, deterrents are that 99% of what interests me has been forum-illegal since Sept 5th last year, also the time commitment just may not work out. But maybe. :thinking:


Maybe bi-weekly or monthly then. Just something that would highlight good topics and possibly mention newcomers who show promise or something.


So is she. Goodness gracious. What a bombshell.


That would need full support from members, in terms of pointing out what looks good, and maybe some kind of democratic process, and be different to me doing a personal blog. :thinking:

I think we need to get the Lounge sorted first and then once we have the tightness back, look to the rest of the forum. Like on a plane, you put your own oxygen mask on first.


She also try to wear bdsm clothing


I mean, naturally, but it’d be cool.


Sraagbel. Use him. Trust me he is well worth the time… very amusing at getting people to say what they shouldn’t in front of many many others. Ruins careers and reputations by it.


That’s like the polar opposite of what moderators do tho? :woman_facepalming:

My comment was just a passing obseration, not a complaint nor is it any hindrance on my Work. And honestly what I have coming up is probably too far out there even for the pre-politics ban forum. :smiling_imp:


Don’t apply on forum. Apply on parasites that people seem to think should govern their lives if you get what I mean :wink: :wink:

Or are you finally going scorched earth like I suggested so long ago? Chuckie has good stuff on it.


Newbie question, but I’m not sure where the lounge is… I’m just curious what happened to him.


The lounge is a forum section for people who have earned the regular tag.


Oh right, got it. :+1:

Nooo, long way from that but now’s not the time. :smiley: