That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


Well whose gonna help me with my root and sacral chakras


Try that meditation I posted, it would help with all of the chakras.


But it felt good when a guy does it…especially when i orgasm


Welp its my mom and stepdad wedding anniversary…and she asked me why havent i baked a cake


I love the title


To put it short and simple, shit hit the fan.




Ugh i wish i had 5 bucks…milkshake


I put a post in the Lounge about it precisely to avoid this kind of speculation. :+1:


I must have missed it, I’ll take a look now.


My evocation of Asmoday was a bit strange. It went fine, but it was strange, you can read about it in my other thread.


Ooh more reading material :heart_eyes:


It’s the latest post in my The Quest to Bind the 72 of the Ars Goetia thread.


Was it Addams family strange?


Click the link and find out.


Hehe bet you had to deal with that problem after :kissing_smiling_eyes::wink:


Not really, it went away on it’s own after a few seconds. Too busy focusing on making the post to entertain the erection.


i just finished reading like 500 posts from this thread and wow there are so many 18 year olds :joy:

hello fellow 18 year olds, i’m 18 too and i thought i was the youngest person here :sweat_smile:


hello fellow adults, how goes the adulting today?


adults? what adults? we’re all kids in a trenchcoat here :crazy_face:


also i think i may be 2nd or 3rd youngest person here lol yeet