That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


Cause he hated how much heat i expell during it


Who changed the title? That is my jam.

That song and Darhk are forever tied together in my mind.


That’s insane. If I didn’t have Sethana I would need an electric blanket or something :joy:


Yea…i miss cuddling…also miss the kisses, massages, and rubbing my butt against the guy crotch


I love that my boyfriend likes to cuddle. My ex fiancé hated it for the same reason…always said I radiate too much heat.


I think it has to deal with what we consume…or how much we loved our partners


I just miss the feeling of being kissed. To be fair, I have kissed anyone since my first kiss at 15. My partner at the time, she and I would cuddle at the movies and then eventually we kissed


Good mythical morning is good to watch when your bored


Whoever changed the title has impeccable taste. I wanna rub your chin like this:



TMW the top 10 most frequent posters of the TMW thread, in order from most posts to least, are:


Are we all stark raving mad? Or do we just have too much time to spend faffing about in this thread?


I feel accomplished.


Have yourself a celebratory slice.

Also I just changed the background of my user card when you click on/hover over my name.


What’s wrong with that pizza? Why is there thick smoke coming out of it?


Not sure, maybe that thick smoke is actually steam from how hot and fresh it is.

But I didn’t know user card backgrounds could be animated until I tried it with mine.


Micah is gone


I saw that, no idea what happened, probably drama.

EDIT: Why does system sometimes remove quotes when I make a post?


Steam and poisonous fog are worlds apart bro. That pizza is enchanted.


Enchanted to be tasty maybe. After all, it is The Slice.


Wonder why…he probably did something wrong


Or he asked to have his account suspended…

Who am I kidding? He probably tried to curse forum members again or something.