That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


Psychic landmines against such intrusions are something I recommend.


He is going to try and make a stronger spell since it sent a message…that the thing can come and go as he pleases


It could one or both of the entities that are attach to me, a god(s), or an incubus


Damn… certainly wish you luck dealing with them.


@Bunnygamer1994 Just summon @NoxLotus and let her sing an opera for you.


Yes please!!


As long as you dont make me your victim i’m looking forward to that thread xp


Nah,she is harsh but a great teacher,you will see.


I may be a bit cranky but I don’t consider myself harsh. I don’t believe in “if you want them to swim, throw them in the ocean”. With some skills it might be helpful, but with black magic only an idiot would approach it recklessly and promote that behaviour. Slow and steady is best. Black magic is dangerous, boys, girls and my non binary daisies.


That moment when martial arts hits back n shit


Maan but bruises are hot.


Woooh the honeysuckles in the backyard are in force


Believe me, they’ll fuck you up in just a few seconds


What honeysuckles? They smell good…also taste good


wait wrong chat


Oopsie daisy.




Their so cute…i love cats…always grew up with them since i was little


OH MY GOD YES!!!:heart_eyes: