That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


That’s cool !!! :fire:


I do a lot of film work for a subject I did last year which I’m picking up again next year. We had to make our own films as part of the course


Whats your favourite movie ?


Logan easily-I just love the storytelling in it and all the visuals


I even own it on Blu-Ray :joy:


Logan is pretty good.Western and the last of us combined :slightly_smiling_face:


The best monument to the movie


No deeper movies though ?


Not too sure-watched too many movies to find a deeper movie. I have a huge boxset of Alfred Hitchcock movies however


Come on now ?
No country for old men
There will be blood ?
No ?


I haven’t watched those movies yet unfortunately


What is your fave horror movie then ?


Nightmare on Elm street so far. I need to see The Exorcist eventually
Now Comedy Horror? Child’s Play


Personally I love The Thing


I actually do wonder if this chant is a real thing in the occult or not



TMW I record myself singing The Phantom of the Opera (Nightwish edition) on a karaoke app. Lmao, poor neighbours.


So i felt a male presence this morning and unsure if i dreamed or astral but a man wanted sex with me but it kicked my druid friend familiar away to where she is from




That pissed my druid friend since his fox familiar is a baby too and she was just protecting me from pyshic attacks