That Moment When 3


No pain, just heart palps for several days like it didn’t wanna keep going then that breathless morning. I don’t know but it could be. I am lucky I am still functioning I guess, just feel tired and like the body can’t coordinate itself internally, I mean, muscles work fine otherwise. I’ll figure it out. :sweat::woman_shrugging::crying_cat_face::thinking:


I am jealous lol


“why you always got to make me hungry? it’s just a forum”


TMW I can’t find my MIA moonstone piece. :woman_facepalming:


TMW u cri


Dunno. Seemed like a magickal japanese Anime thing. Alls good.


TMW you think they’re just not ready…


Tmw indeed the mind is the only thing that limits the body :thinking:


I can drink to that @Micah


That moment when…you should be sleeping but instead you are watching true crime shows :man_shrugging:


Tmw your hands are freezing cold, your legs are cold, you’re sitting in a golf cart, you supposed to be working, but you decide to give out your own idea of advice on b a l g.


Tmw you get a job at 4 am to 12 and your depression goes away and you realize you love it. Mundane solutions lol


TMW you’ve got a doctor’s appointment for a flu shot, but you hat needles. (I have to get one, My choice of course)


TMW you do your first outside Evocation with nothing but yourself & an enn and still get wisps of smoke surround you the moment you request the demon manifest :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


TMW you research Pitcairn Island and Henderson Island and wonder why the larger island is uninhabited.


oh…nm…found out why now. sheesh.


Tmw a co-worker asks you if you “Worship Lucifer” and you say no, instead of saying you’re Satan.

Then he says,
“Cause if you Worship Lucifer then you’re retarded.”

Yep homie.
Hope you enjoy what’s Coming :smiling_imp:

Gift wraps gift with Tag that reads: From Lucifer, Satan, and the Whole Infernal Empire + Micah


Tmw a occult author seems to have a bone to pick with you :smiling_imp:


TMW omg whomever is that angel with the name Rahiel…stay away from my astral realm :unamused:


That angel is a human magician masking as a angel @Silent