That Moment When 3


TMW Dreams feel real, so memories are replayed in them then, and it is just a chaotic mess when I wake up from them abruptly?! Ugh. I tried writing them down but later on they make less sense than when I first awoke! UGH. :roll_eyes::thinking::unamused:


TMW I wonder about the wisdom of wanting all neg messages from the aethyers blocked is a good or wise idea?? I get enough negs from family but still, if it were a matter of life or death or something equally poor outcome I’d want to be prepared for that. :thinking::thinking::fearful:Better sad/afraid than sorry you didn’t want to hear it. :woman_shrugging:


TMW I think I missed the transition from clothes to dreams and confusion…


I moved on. No transition needed. I don’t segue like that. :joy: :joy::joy::joy::roll_eyes:




That moment when you are thinking about building an Altar for myself.
Making it out of wood boards, i already have the idea on paper. Just need to get the materials and cut everything and then pocket hole it all. After that its just a matter of putting it together with screws and then staining it and all that jazz.

I think it would be worth it.


DIY is always the best idea! :+1: sounds nice, love wood tables homemade. Your energy will be encapsulated inside the boards, always a good thing too.


TMW waking up breathless like it had stopped entirely, and then panting for dear life for 10-15 mins for no reason but then later realized what happened. Red flag on my health?? :persevere::sweat::confused::worried:


heart attack?


Tmw you are chanting a mantra and feel Akasha Subterfuge actively move up your spine in his full size, but with no pain

Did shit just get real finally? :joy::joy:


Thank you… I just need to go out and buy the materials when i get the chance. (I have the tools… My step father does at least).


Tmw indeed we are pushing evocation to it’s next Nth degree…to it’s Zenith :smiling_imp:


That moment when you are considering a consultation with EA to push your magick to the next level :thinking:


That moment when a spirit like makes your heart chakra vibrate throughout your body


The moment when people do not learn from the mistakes of the past.


TMW you almost pulled that stupid idiot out of his car window. Never seen someone pushing the window button so frantically.


Misses check-in by 5 minutes, still 40 minutes until boarding. Won’t put me on my flight.
Reschedule my flight for 4 hours later.
Next flight gets delayed, and I’d miss my connecting flight.
Reschedule for a 5:45 flight
Wake up at 3am
Flight cancelled, please book a new flight



That moment when you start divining by the mold in your shower. Followed by the realization that if there’s enough mold to do that with… it’s probably time to start cleaning.


TMW a psychedelic colour changing deer head is now staring at you (a present from my boss). I have a lot of deer related stuff going on, lately.


TMW last nights dinner…Takoyaki Octopus Dumplings with Bonito flakes and mayo, and Chicken Karaage with vegetables, rice and light sesame sauce.