That Moment When 3


I realize not everything wants nor needs me to find answers :grin: :clinking_glasses:


Not sure what to say to you. Be well my friend :vulcan_salute:


im too pissed to care about how people will look at me after it.

~thank you :slight_smile:


TMW you should curse them


TMW really need healing, seems it is breaking down, but I’m not going to post or ask a scan anywhere so, meh. :woman_white_haired: Goes with the territory. I’m just about done in with the pain etc…:woman_facepalming::zap::fire:


That moment when life stops giving you any boner !


TMW you might get an idea why demons don’t like to tell their names right from the start when you ask them; I feel a similar reluctance towards it everytime a customer is asking me about my name :upside_down_face:


Heh. Demons have names, its in the grimoire.


That moment when you stay up until 5 a.m. just so you can beat Mass Effect 2.
Ugh… I am tired right now.


So is mine (grimoire = website. But no sigil, my number is a well kept secret). But as long as they don’t know this I like to pretend to be someone else for the sake of “Can I talk to miss Oddnan, pls?”


TMW you laugh and laugh while sitting and propping your feet on your desk.


TMW silence is your best friend, and words spoken measured by right actions, but silence makes no bones?? :joy::smirk::smiling_imp:


TMW I just enjoyed two chipotle cheese steak sandwhiches for lunch. Talk about Satisfaction.


TMW you read @Meowlix’s post and start getting hungry.


Good ol Food Trucks to the rescue


I have so many emotions right now


That moment when…you just had a spicy chicken burger with potato wedges for lunch, and there’s chili in the slow cooker for supper. It’s a damn good day :yum:


TMW you start crying


That moment when Yogsothoth gives you some damn fine information that showed me some new things.


You should have a fish… It would make you feel better.
(Your profile pic is telling you something :wink:)