That Moment When 3


Harsh :thinking:

Failure to live someone else’s version of life, now i like that colour :ok_hand:


That moment when you wonder if reading 24k posts will give you regular status.
We will have to wait and see once i read that much.


TMW it seems the false light is throwing its tentacles at you!
~I just checked discord, but those few minutes + the fact that the damn flower shop closed 10 minutes earlier than its supposed to, makes me believe that there is some actual resistance building up.


The solution for people who feel to be in a situaiton like this:

"I need to get out of here, to be able to do the work properly,
but i need to do the work to get out of here."

Solution is the answer to this question:

“What will bend easier, the circumstances or yourself?”


Yes of course, so push yourself and get the fuck out of that mess!


**TMW you see it again! The consistency and colour of your changes after the offering,
into something like a very fine raspberry jam, or actually, more like fruit juice jelly :thinking:

“Mein Blut sieht aus wie Marmelade! Wie Marmelade! Wie Marmelade!”
“Mein Blut sieht aus wie Marmelade! Wie Marmelade! Wie Marmelade!”
“Mein Blut sieht aus wie Marmelade! Wie Marmelade! Wie Marmelade!”


TMW everything is going fine with your roommate and you come back from out of town and make a pasta dinner and he either ate/threw away your tub of parmesan cheese and now you are definitely furious.


That moment when you realize instead of calling spirits to do the work for you they want you to do it yourself and call them for help. For the first time in a long time I had a spark of “this worked” immediately after being done with Magick


what is this?
Why don’t you go watch Is This a Zombie if your into that.


That moment when, you pull all the strings for someone, you let them know to be ready and they still drop the damb ball! :man_facepalming: :weary:


TMW every word that you read and hear and think turns into unrecognizable glossolalia; every syllable melts into insignificance and every word that flees your own mouth feels distorted.
I really like when this happens.


That moment when…you have a dream where you are going around exploding heads Scanner style :star_struck:


Me as a Badass black magican:
Vibrates Satan’s name

Senses a HUGE Dragon snout approach me from behind with a Mass of Darkness and Deadly red eyes. Entity gives friendly death stare




Who else but @Micah


I read you chanting satan similarly to “Allllvvvvviiiinnnn!!!” From Alvin and the Chipmunks. Now the image wont leave my head. I want a “Micah and the Demons” sitcom and band, maybe a cartoon. :sparkler::thinking:


That’s about the time you hear the dragon speak to you in Sam Jackson’s Voice.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?


Tmw you realize how much you spent on Black Friday(and corresponding Saturday, Sunday and Monday)… Well at least I got enough knives, books, and clothes to last me for a while…


Am i the only one that read that in a Morgan Freeman voice and while reading it again in a Gordon Ramsey voice?


I have an idea!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Aww you made a friend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


THE turning point

I never have been humiliated like this, ever before.

~He was a few decades older than claimed.
~He used the most cheap, toxic and penetrating “parfume” to such a degree you could taste it.
~He is a chainsmoking idiot.
~He used two wifi routers (i get headaches and ear ringing from it, and my focus suffers)
~He has a dog that spread its furry everywhere.
~His dick didnt got up.

i retreated in the most polite way…but i should have killed him there.
in that filthy house, no one would have heard or missed him

~I, had to use a packed full tram, for an insultingly hight price,
~and my hear had still the stench of his aparment and precum on him,
and people noticed it.

Even after a shower, i still smell his parfume around my nails…

On my way to that under-filth’s place, i read book 7 of “rites of thirteen tongues”…Szhai Larah
yes. That is a proper place for me.

My patroness, my dear goddess, im coming to claim my place beside you.

FUCK porn -i will deinstall the webbrowers, install it anew and put in leechblock,
but set in a way so could not access the addons anymore.

FUCK weakness, FUCK despair.
FUCK the filth i live in.

FUCK the pointless sex ads.

FUCK the scum on the earth.
" im screaming, im bleeding" ~scum on the earth? Come on!