That Moment When 3


Tmw everything is falling into place and you start feeling like yourself again. Been ages since I felt this on point.


That moment when you plug in your phone and it goes from 1-66 within seconds… something ain’t right here


TMW … The diabolical and forbidden covenant is delivered unto you, a goal ive been working towards for years.



That moment when you ordered a spirit sigil ring and they sent it with a bunch of pins and a “witch” chapstick


TMW you cooked some nice breakfast and decide to put the plates on the opened oven door to let it cool down. So you do exactly that. And you’re leaving the kitchen for a short time. And you come back, noticing that the oven door is still open so you YEET that door shut out of habit with some pep in your movement…well…


I discovered and switched over from brown rice to Sweet Potatoes/Yams. Highly satisfying compared to russets which im not fond of. I roasted it with a Cornish hen.

Also TMW the dessert was a Carrot Cake Cheesecake.


What covenant or working is that?


I switched to sweet potatoes as a “good with everything”-lunch at work. Low maintenance (just cook them motherfuckers beforehand) and you can almost mix everything with it :heart:
TMW you have to google carrot cake cheesecake


I got mine from cheesecake factory. A 10".


Jealous :open_mouth:


Someone is so angry at you, you can feel your ears melting off :sweat:


You fucked up?


Damn things too Rich. Couldnt finish a slice. TMW I am planning what I should make the christmas holiday dessert.


My TG was turkey and sweet potatoes and carrots all roasted together. I threw in a few whole sweet potatoes for later meals.



Tmw this is normal:

Me: Hey, is it illegal illegal to steal a dog that’s been out since last night?

Five O: Its you’ll get arrested illegal.

Me: Belial says fuck the police.

Five O: Then Belial can get you out of jail.

Me: Don’t be an Andrew Henry or I’ll make you ride the lightning.

Five O: Ok Angry Betty give me 20 mins.

:joy: :joy: :joy:



If something dragged me through all the loss and shit in life it was this.

'Never ever give up and never ever let others tell you what you can and what you can’t reach in life"

This was Lucifer teaching :slight_smile: and me working :slight_smile:


TMW when a friend is adoring your hair colour and wants to know what colour shade you use because it “looks so healthy” (imagine a patchy ass accident with multiple shades on my head).
The colour is called “failure at life”, if someone is interested.