That Moment When 3


(-_- ’ ) different breeds, and maybe a more clean tank…

They either grow in more or less clean tanks, or restricted parts of the ocean.
First method asks for anitbiotic since they swim in their poop,
and the second method is open to all the crap we put into the sea + the imense amount of poop acts like if someone put too much fertilizer on plants, meaning that it disturbs (at least) the organisms close by.


900 post, I’m awesome.

That moment when you’ve had enough, and you decide that it’s time to punish your ex for everything they’ve done to you

I want everyone in attendance for what I’m about to do.


I take it youve never worked on a fishing boat. Well alot of people come here to work on those boats that go to catch those fish up in Alaska. Seattle is known for its Alaska caught seafood and salmon.


thats actually pretty creative :flushed:


T minus 1 hour and 27 minutes


Did a little research.
its that or pollock


Sources man, Sources and data lots of it. :space_invader:



Tmw you find it almost impossible to meditate due to fireworks! Fucking Guy Fawkes!


TMW you are ranting so much about badly executed eyeshadow that your S.O. now gets irritated from it, too (he just came home to tell me how bad the eye makeup of a coworker has been and how much I would hated it).


Lol annoyance magick


complaint magick, the traditional art of an old race named “customers”. works everytime :ok_hand:


TMW anxiety attacks are a real bother! :persevere::anguished::frowning:on the verge of another emo breakdown. :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:Time to :woman_in_lotus_position:


Is this a medical condition you have? I notice alot of people mention it here and there as if it was.


No my discernment is being deliberately blocked which creates extreme anxiety in me, not knowing a source of energy for certain makes trust an issue and I think someone is setting me up for this, of course , it could just be ptsd or a panick attack, yes I’ve had those before. Discernment… again is not possible for me now, I think someone is doing this on purpose so I can’t or won’t try to work with any entities or deities etc… very sneaky, but I’m on to it, I think?? lol :joy: on the other hand it ain’t funny. :imp::woman_shrugging:


So would this be the same if you wore a sensory deprivation hood? Would that create anxiety?


I am supposing that is likely and very possible, yes. It is making me feel constantly worried and apt to make snap judgements that are not helpful at all. :frowning: So a Big Yes.


You probably have not come to “proper terms” with certain forces or individuals you work for or against. As long as certain people walk down certain paths in the way they do they will always be “blocked” towards such beings. In a sense being stone walled for relating in the wrong way and will no doubt continue if you continue in the way you do. That came from a higher intelligence I channeled that randomly came to me.

I know it sounds kind of general.


That is too coincidental to be false, but I don’t understand it much. Proper terms, well then I guess the blockage is general in terms of my community, otherwise I can’t see any individual alone connecting with you for the express purpose of telling me my spiritual business?? Nobody or community could block me if I don’t wish to be blockaded. Unless it is personal. Otherwise I don’t get it. Relating… me?? I don’t relate to anything lately, just hearing echos of my past a lot. Annoys me daily.
The other thing is I don’t work for or against anything unless it or they attack me somehow or cause some kind of disturbance of the neg variety. I got scanned easily enough so I doubt I’m totally blocked. I feel manipulated a bit so I’ve been writing things down during the day when things come and go in my awareness.


wrong, he knew before i knew about the wand-thing
~but anyhow: i love this clear nightly sky, and those cuddly winds :smiley_cat:


:cry: you know? I guess you were not that successful with sending orgasms anyway.