That Moment When 3


Tmw you may or may not have drank grave dirt .-.


TMW you tell @Dinmiatus this is how teleportation works :joy::joy:

But for real tho :laughing:


So what did @Dinmiatus say?



You never know, it could be good for you.


Something about shifting energies and the body is those energies sliding into place … he’s the mad scientist I’m just the lab assistant :joy:


Lol :joy:


Questioning Nyarlathotep

Help with matters of LUST?

Help with matters of knowledge?

Complete lack of interest?
~Yes :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Will you help me once i got initiated?

After Initiation= a.i.

Knowledge a.i. ?

Lust a.i.?

(any other old one) Lust? a. i.

Altering my flesh a. i. ?

Wordly matters in general? a. i.

Shamelessly manipulation? a.i.

Could you change the temperature of my body or and enviroment,
so i wont freeze when i sit in the forest, shirtless, for hours?

Will you actually do it?

Have you been the SCARY AS FUCK presence + the face?

Did you do that as Test or For Fun?
~FUN :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you old ones dislike that i call upon Marduk?

Is it unforgivable or just a annoyance?

Do you understand that i need entities like marduk prior to the initiation?


I get the feeling, that Nyarlat likes “this is halloween” :thinking:

Next time i will ask the silly question, if the kishin Asura has parallels to Nyarlat or Azathoth…

About the song: if you look at the lyrics, you might catch a feeling of similarity…
the dreadful obsession with them ~that every root could be a tentacle, ready to strangle you to death, or the impression that your reflection changes if you lookt at it from the corner of your eye… or the distrust in the image in the mirror ~is that really you?

I would greet it, if nyarlat is “just” a overpowered, crazy wanker :laughing:
~messing you up for kicks
…it would never be boring

…anyway, i like the suggestion, that i wont need other entities if im with them…
in theory, since they have no realm, but are beyond and between

~So thats why they dislike me calling for marduk?
since it means that i dont trust into their abilities, as i ask someone else for matters at hand, not them.


makes altars look sexy :smile:


Must be a fun roleplay :thinking:


Tmw you have less than 24 hours to decide if you’ll accept the position of a lifetime. Soooo many variables to consider :persevere::hushed:


Tmw your (at a sporting event) and smash it 10x better than normal and the marshall asks “who the hell are you channeling to ride like that?” (Pony event) :eyes: … i might have called on a spirit or 2 to aid me …


it’s all about the energy as i see it :alien:


TMW King Paimon warns you of a global event on the horizon because you thought to ask wtf is going on.


TMW curse removal isn’t as tricky or complex as I thought it could be. There are so many ways! :joy:


Care to offer more details? Positive or negative? Can it please be a mass awakening??


TMW I buy 7 whole fresh fish that are 14 lbs from the local Pike Place Market. Wild Alaskan King Salmon. This is for my cutting diet =)


its neither wild nor alaskan
~my teacher(marketing), back then college for design, told me its all bullshit to increase number of sells.


TMW you realize, Nyarlathotep caused warm weather,
hours after you request for it, so you wont freez at initation
(gotta go shirtless for hours)
That request was spoken before i knew that i would need(?) a consecrated “wand of nyarlathotep”,.it might be a suggestion that i wont need the wand for the intiation??

Of course, i will ask him to be sure.

But it would be practical if it would work without the wand,
since that would mean that i could to the consecration during the same nights as the initation…

Darkness, anger and desperation. ~a mere log to whats being done

It is actually real. You can taste the difference if youve ever tried farm raised vs wild. Likewise there is also a difference between frozen and fresh fresh salmon. I know so because I eat Wild Salmon all the time.