That Moment When 3




not completely, but stay away from sugar.
~there is nothing wrong with carbs in somewhat natural form,
since they are everywhere anyway

even lentils (~25% protein) have carbs

Eat avocados or coconut oil, since that is easily digestable fat,
and get some protein :slight_smile:


Remember, all black magicians are supposed to be evil, soulless, hateful, and vile. I think you are doing it wrong according to stereotypes…


Yeah at my age protein is a must and I love veggies, especially roots and greens, then yellow like sweet potato… yummmmm. I try to have whole grains daily and as much colorful veggies as possible, almond milk, eggs and lots of fish. I just need to pare down the plate size. lol :blush::roll_eyes:

yeah sugar is :skull_and_crossbones:


I shine my light on everyone :blush:


I hate stereotypes :joy::joy::joy:


That moment when you did a ritual (yesterday) with Tiamat and she possessed you and gave you some information…
After the ritual i find out that it is exactly 3:00 a.m.


That moment when you find this online and i would love for people to read it,


Tmw you wake and find out dad ate your cookie…though he bought a baguette for me so its fine :thinking:


TMW you and your dad take it as an insult when someone says “Your daughter looks exactly like you”


Well sometimes we just wanna love our family, right into a grave.


That moment when you forget a spirit name and call them azorath when their ariman


That moment when you randomly get invited to a Pagan Pride festival and you walk up to a booth and say “I need a black mirror”
And you find one made of obsidian for $4581ecf82aa0efdec9d218aedd47f2e9830c55438b_1_375x500


Ooo, i love that mirror. Great find.


The second I saw it I said “Can you bag that up for me?”
Talk about synchronicity like a boss.


Lol yes, totally @GodlessEndeavor


That moment when so many things come into place and you realize that Tiamat did recreate you into the being you wanted.
I realized who i am and where i truly came from.

So all hail Tiamat!


TMW you know you’re being haunted by a living human being, not an entity. :open_mouth::grimacing::scream_cat::poop::woman_facepalming::metal::running_woman::nazar_amulet::roll_eyes::angel::pray:


That moment when Ive tried a Large bowl of PHO (vietnamese noodle soup) for the first time and loved it so much I got 2 extra noodle and meat orders (tendon, brisket, tripe) of each.


That moment when you decide to show everyone your collection of rocks and gemstones (almost all of it),