That Moment When 3




Tmw you order the Rituals of pleasure and the draconian ritual book. Should be useful


![IMG_3010|666x500](upload://vN4nX Oi8wgrhN4P1IDsXkzKLldp.jpeg)

Looks to me like a different style of the same writing… :thinking:


Yah, tell my Doc this??? She thinks I will get sick if Do Not have the shot. It’s like talking to a brick wall.


TMW you have stomach cramps :dizzy_face::nauseated_face:


Take some ginger tea or ginger cookies made with the real ginger, snaps cookies or add some ginger to your food any of those may help you. Be Well.


Thank you :hugs:


Welcome. :hugs::blush:


Mom: Your cousin is 4 weeks pregnant!
Me: Nice! How will they name her?
Mom: What? Naah it will be a boy!
Me: Was I wrong with her first baby? No. So trust me, this one will be a girl.

3 months later

Mom: It’s a baby girl!


Same with my brainwashed former dentist,
sure, i had to figure out what to eat to not cause my teeth to decay,
but now that i know more or less what i need to do, there is no “need” for smeering poison on my teeth.

I havent been there since two years.

And regarding vaccines: Nothing forces me to get them.
~Nobody needs mercuy, plastic, nano particles or other shit in their body.


True. Well, now I gotta do internal cleansing for the next 6 months or whatever. Ugh. Chlorella, stricter diet etc… what a blast. Not. :confounded::roll_eyes::expressionless:


Actually…thats not true ~i offer you something that wont restrict your eating habits, but will still demand diciplin:

Eat anything you like, but only one meal per day.
~And drink plenty of water with lemon juice in the morning directly after getting up


But really, one big meal,
or two smaller ones, so that at least 12 waking continuous hours will come together.


Ahahahaaa! Well I canna do that strict at all, I’d go nutz!! I love my foodz too much. 2 meal a day I could do but I hate abhor feeling hungry in the middle of the night so unfortunately that isn’t going to happen. Thanks though. Maybe I can do smalller meals and restrict the cals as far as able to tolerate. We shall see.


Actually, its all about those 12 hours, that you dont eat anything,
and are AWAKE.

~In that time your carb storage will be depleted, even if you are a couch potato.
By that you will loose fat and useless water storage over time.


Nice memories. Friends forever


Yah, I get that point of hours of time not eating. Carbs need to go byebye for sho. I’ll see about it for one week perhaps, then go from there if I’m comfy with it enough. lol thanks.


Real brother :blush:


Bacardi Coke


you look like people, worth to waste my liver with :thinking:
~like some serious drinking buddies…

i just imagined sitting on a restaurants table, and people would tell each other
way too loud stories of how they fucked up certain persons with magic


Yeah we could do that bro