That Moment When 3


He is chill as fuck. My second one. The first i found in the cooler at my warehouse job i had and saved his life. He ended up dying because i had incorrect care instructions and it fucked me up. Hes in a jar in my closet now. I learned how to correctly care for them and now this guy does fantastic. He’s really active and happy about his home


That’s great you learned how to care for the new one. Also, cool you kept the first in a jar.
The horned lizard that’s hanging around me, I think where I live it’s against the law to keep them as pets.
But if it keeps following me around, how is that my fault? :woman_shrugging: :smirk:


That’s a good point. You should look into it if you decide you want to keep him


Keep it, you KNOW you wanna~ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s funny, I was been yelled at today for someone else. I did the mistake to think:

“Eeeemmm… ok… Can we move on now?”



I don’t want to improperly care for it & kill the sweet lad :unamused:
That’s more of my concern


Do research. Its not really too hard to care for them


Idk, I raised a baby corn snake. He was harder than my adult ones. Lol
Baby reptiles seem like more work, because they’re so much more sensitive. At least to me.


Its your choice. Less difficult than raising a human baby so there’s that


I always loved snakes, but my mother would never allow me to have one. :persevere:


My mother didn’t let me mess with white magicks and here I am instead


Mine threatened to kick me out.
Which is ironic because she is now looking into Magick herself…


TMW you are conflicted about divorce.


Oh that’s shit. Hope it works out for you.


That moment you did a banishing ritual because of feeling some negative energy. Not sure if it’s me being a bit depressed or something different.


It seems to have gotten better, for right now.
But I was clear on where I stood, and made my terms clear, and what would happen if things did not change.
So, I can hope for the best.


Only constantly


TMW your overly catholic parents in law will stop by for a “visit” and you have to squirrel away all of your spiritual work stuff in order to protect someone from having a heart attack :expressionless:


Hehe, I have to do the same with almost every visit here. The funny thing is that I got Lucifers Sigil when my computer (compie) starts and nobody knows it. My father even lighted the candle of him. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Won’t work with them. When my S.O. got into metal music they would intercept his mailorder packages (I talk about harmless stuff here like Judas Priest or Kreator) and would scold him because of his satanistic antics and such. If they would see something that justs hints to a slightly occult way they would call an exorcist upon us :smiley: