That Moment When 3


Show no fear, but slowly step out the way :joy:
Then just smile and wave at the person to be destroyed :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Cant. I’m the unlucky shithead who let the channel happen LOL


Strategy 2:
Bring out the offerings like it’s your last day living :joy::joy::joy::joy:

You’ll be alright man. As long as it ain’t Cthulu :joy:


Its not but Azathoth was in my mind earlier as well lol


No wonder I started to get nervous :joy::metal:


iä iä the old ones are, the old ones were and the old ones shall be


My tarot readings are through the Azathoth Tarot deck and it lead on a spinning path of not a fun day


The video below reminded me of the dream experience, and now,
i will try to meet it once more.

edit: the presence was much more frightening than the face, but the face added understanding to the horror.


TMW you’re sitting outside meditating & feel something start to crawl on your leg, then stop. Only to open your eyes to this sweet little baby chilling with you. :heart_eyes:

He’s so little! :sob: Precious :black_heart:


Are you going to keep him?


Well was an entertaining video :thinking:


I’m dying. :joy: :rofl:


He’s so cute!


… yes, i guess so :confused:


If ya take everything ya find seriously your gonna drive yourself batty. :bat:


TMW You have a mind splitting headache but are hyper as fuck.


Some guy you didn’t even like or come on to turns you down publicly hardcore, lmfao


I really don’t want to keep a wild being captive, so I wasn’t planning on it.
Every time I set him outside where I was sitting, he walks back to my patio door.
I’m torn :pensive:


I found a tree frog in the road a month and a half ago this is him now


Damn it, that makes me want to keep the little guy :joy:
Your friend looks chill AF :ok_hand: