That Moment When 3


TMW it is NOT reassuring when the doc starts to look up something in a jittery manner on his computer while saying “No, it’s probably nothing” :joy:


I did it too :rofl:


This actually sounds kinda sexy.


And by fucked off, I meant ‘got violently I’ll and learned to be a bit less of an abusive ass’. Still had to undo it, but he got the message.


Violence can be se…well–nevermind. How was this kid being a dick?


Wasn’t a kid, but he was mentally abusive and controlling against someone whom I cared about. He learned respect damn quick.


That moment when you say huh…?? :thinking::roll_eyes:


That moment when you put together a small Altar for your succubus, and she picks out stones that you never knew that she liked.


TMW shopping online for gemstones but you’re not a millionaire and that’s sad because all the gems are beautiful. Oh well.


That moment when a powerful meditation causes you to realize everything you ever thought was true is a lie.

…welp, back to the drawing board.


Tmw you are certain @Lady_Eva profile pic is somewhat similar to how she looks in real life

I see what you did there
Subtly dropping clues to ya identity :rofl:



Dude, nothing is real. We’re all just reaching for smoke.


Basically what I realized.


Odd that these new users have their actual mugshots for profile pics.


TMW you help your aunt out with some work at her house and she asks how much everything will be and you reply that she can repay in hugs :hugs: :hugs::hugs:


There is a weird surge of Olympic Athletes, Famous people, tv stars, and children of famous people dying around the age of 42 :thinking:
It is working Then…or is it?







Other famous Jan:




TMW your English professors were total sticklers about citation sources.