That Moment When 3


Leccy Bill’s? What are those?


Tmw you realize taco Bell delivers now :smiling_imp:


Tmw you have a dream of whipping grown men’s asses with a belt for talking to your 16 yr old daughter.
Welts were left and all…then gave em some camphor oil for the trip back :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sunglasses:


Known that for awhile. I got every food delivery App on my phone.


My area is so small none of them are available but next time I’m in a bigger area or at a hotel I’m gonna use tha heck out of it


Leccy = English for electricity and bill = charges for things, we get them quaterly here. :smiley:


Ah, humor.


What you wrote:

What I saw:



LOL honestly


Tmw you get two pizza instead of one due to the cook accidentally making a regular pizza instead of deep dish at first :yum: Should do enn meditation more often when waiting for food :thinking:


That moment when too much caffeine and too little food meet.


Is it bad to NOT pledging allegiance to a spirit when being asked to do so?
Asking for a friend


no. Not of you dont feel allegience to them.


would look ok maybe…without all the onion BS. Filthy onionses


Heretic! Onions are the best lol.


Fine fine cut and blended into food.


Guess it is just a unique taste then. I love onions in all their forms, raw, cooked, stir fried, you name it.


Onions are awesome. Just had a pizza with some raw ones sliced into strips (by me). Its also mandatory in burritos for me. And welcome in all sandwich variants :yum:


Yes! I love them with hot dogs or potatoes. I cut up a bunch into strips and mix with some potatoes I mash into a paste after baking them and mix with cheese and bacon and peppers and then slather with sour cream and cottage cheese. It is to die for.


TMW i learn that sequels really do suck:

33AD: Living God (Original series) - died for the entire world’s sins.

2019: Living God VIII - die for some tasty alliums. :laughing: