That Moment When 3


More dick pics



That moment when you screenshot a vampyre transformation topic because it’s been asked to be removed but u need the information from it


I see you met my neighbors.


That would make you a conspiracy theorist :joy:


No-one’s asked me to remove anything in the last day that was connected to vamps?


It was a few weeks ago


Another…for all my Lovers and Haters (the jealous ones) of my food pics. Todays lunch item being:

Cuban Pork sandwhich, carmalized onions, banana peppers in a Garlic tapanede.




I’m eating pizza and watching blade :call_me_hand:


Deep dish or NY style?


Deep dish for life lol


Okay, well PM me if you ever have questions about content that’s been deleted, I may on occasion be able to PM it to you if it wasn’t removed for confidentiality reasons/serious rule breaking, if you were working from it, NOTHING gets lost or deleted on this forum, it’s synched up with the Angel of Lost Things pretty good. :smiley:


Ok now im a little jealous. I have a craving and have a hard time finding a decent Restaurant that serves a good deep dish in the area. Managed to find one serving Mannacotti when I had my other Italian craving.


Thank you :blush:


That sucks mate I feel for ya :pensive:


Tmw you order a pizza at 9 pm due to this forum


The power of pizza :call_me_hand:


Tmw you feel yourself changing from the deification process.


Once the halo kicks in, you’ll save a small fortune on leccy bills for all that night-time reading. :+1:


Yeah…i think Im going to do a magickal working to find good Deep Dish Pizza in the near future.