That Moment When 3


I have no idea. I am just making bad puns to cover my aggravation at the inconvenience of snow which I have to try to and drive away again before it piles up and screws my schedule again.

@Micah stop shedding on everything then lol.


LMAO what state you live in?


Oregon and everything was going good getting rid of snow until said annoyance starts cancelling my shit. Like I get it I learn best in competition and challenges but throwing something my way that deprives me of a lot of my very little sleep is just dangerous. I am not a good person when sleep deprived lol.


Who? Witch Hunter Christians?


I did chaos magick and summoned John Constantine from his normal universe/dimension of residence because he has useful skills to learn and is fun to have around even though he is a giant wanker.


Did you give him an offering of Silk Cuts?


Yeah beware of summoning the Russian version of him… he would then love to fuck with Americans.


I got him into a party, lots of alcohol, and I will say he is good to have around if you can tolerate the cynicism and critiques and his amusements.

There is a psychotic demon version of him even…


And a american douchebag claiming the name that kinda looks like Keanu Reeves


I went with the classic default version of him. Seemed the best place to start.

Really want to learn more about this from him but according to him I am too stuck up for it :roll_eyes: so now it is just madness of trying to coordinate normal projects and not being stuck up (which basically seems to mean more carelessly flinging stuff around in a way that in the past has exploded me in random magical ways lol)


Classic Vertigo then? Awesome :+1:


That moment when you have so many magickal things you want to dive into and explore but you have so little time to do them in.

Where’s a real life Time-Turner when ya really need one?



That moment when…you send an unsolicited dick pic to baby girl @arianna and feel that BALG should have one too…


Daddy you aren’t suppose to share your Dick pics with EVERYONE :joy:


What about a solicited dick pic? Because if you’re offering, I’ll gladly accept.


I prefer Butt or Breast Pics…females only.


TMW last nights dinner. Lamb Skewers.


Same I woke up in the middle of the night after taking it



That moment when some people are so digusting that even demons despise them, and decide to do better. :laughing: