That Moment When 3


Apparently a Pentacostal missionary.


RIP Oddnan


Hes been back for three weeks, and just hit bleed-out stage.
Poor Oddnan. :frowning:


Tmw you wake up to a body that feels lean and muscular as fuck :grin::ok_hand:
First the Arms and upper body, now the lower body
Hahahaha Hail The Black Sun and My Own Ingenuity :metal:
Haters Will Hate Indeed


that moment when you get paranormal activity as a sign in an evocation


That moment when…EA’s intuition is on point during your consultation. Scary accurate :flushed:


Akk! That’s so exciting!!


You gonna share? Or kill us all with suspense?


Tmw Sorath is showing you some things about the Sun that are obvious as fuck now that you think about it :thinking:


Tmw your inscribing lord Kiltan’s sigil in your grimoire and cant help but see a pretty butterfly. 30 hours without food now by the way, and should probably be sleeping now


Butterflies symbolize Duality and Balance as far as I know. Cool that you would see one


Did you expect anything less?


TMW Sun’Tal’Ock is calling on me out of the blue to evoke him. Like…eh? Should be interesting…he always is.


I didn’t expect it to be so effortless. He really zeroed in on some aspects of my Self that I tend to keep hidden.


Don’t you hate it when people do that :joy:


Yes, yes I do :joy:

However, that is part of the reason for the consultation, to get answers. I got some good advice regarding my Ascent so I definitely recommend :+1:


Told me a grimoire to get and a page number. Mystery hour!
And…he messed around in my heart chakra…


Oh thank the Gods I’m not the only one who has had a spirit do something to their Anahata. To say that it tickles is an understatement but…it tickles


The only time anyone has ever tickled me was Duke Dantalian on my scalp while unlocking further aspects. I actually giggled and ducked.


Yeah, Duke Sallos was messing with it tonight to while unlocking aspects. I find it pleasant…warm, tingly.