That Moment When 3


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Tmw rose8 left :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Rose8 left?


Yeah. I’m sad😭


Aww… Why did she?


But… That moment when

Hell yeah!


I don’t know


Hmm… That is pretty darned sad.


Yoy you said it


She had her reasons and we can only respect that.


Yeah i understand that she did.
Just sorry to see her go is all.


Yea same. Good thing she knows.


that…makes my moralless ass look pale… if you generalize that idea mentioned
~that would mean, that im harming myself as i harm “others”, or that at least that this potential exists.


TMW you wait in the store, are bored, visualize lightning and fire all wandering through the cash register… the moment you wanna pay, it does not work anymore(but it did moments prior), no matter how often you try to rub over the ec card


Also: the tape recorder likes to stop, should i happen to visualize stuff while recording.


This is part of the holographic nature of reality sir :alien: not to say there are not times when it is necessary. Kinda like cutting out cancerous tumors or necrotic tissue. But if ya go overboard ya may be removing healthy tissues as it were.


(°_° ‘’ ) i avoid thinking about it, by going to work (actually…damn, im late)

P.S.: If you have nothing eat,because you could not buy food this evening,
then you better fast than to drink green tea and eat some chocolate :face_vomiting:


Ironically this is when little nuggets of insight decide to fall on my head regarding the nature of reality. :alien: no body said it was exactly easy to handle but it does come in handy. From the hermetic stand point this would be understanding your relation to the all and the rest of creation simultaneously.

Not gonna lie it is weird place to be in while in ritual. :snake:


You didn’t do it, I know the dream was not originating anywhere but locally if anything. Nothing more to say eh?? :unamused: Oh and the content of the dream was nothing to do with those pups, they were more like click bait for me to follow my dreams sequence, which I find very odd, however.


I didn’t do anything, I just described what happened with my pupper…! It’s all in your subconscious!