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This :point_up_2: sounds like you would do well to work on separating yourself from the monotheistic mindset. Cause this is the kind of stuff that it can generate. Mostly cause these religion run off core assumptions like humans are created either to serve or are flawed creations right of the bat and so deserve to be punished unless they meet some psychos quota of his versions of “righteous life”


TMW you successfully skipped and started the last dream several times last night by will. TMW you have no clue how you’ve done this.


TMW you no longer feel the connection/link with your twin.:sob::sob::sob: sad me, guess its time to do some hunting​:heart: rip sweetheart​:heart:


Ik she is happy wherever she may be​:heart::heart:


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never been into any religion since and prior to buddhism,
germany is pretty secular

Its no surpirise that you guessed dead wrong, since the internet isnt real.

You interpret crap into what i wrote.
~I want OWN power, not just accept that i have none, and merge with all kinds of forces/entities,
instead of becoming a force on my own.

If you need to call up external forces, or to be possessed in order to act acording to your will,
wenn then its obviously not your own ability to create change.

I have questions like;

how can i gain or regain power, but not doing any soul dedication or bond,
how can i gain real power, that is mine and mine alone?

Not the qliphoths, not satans, not azazels, not the abyss’, not of the acausal gods…and so on.

~Currently, the only options seems to be psionics, psionics to fuel thoughtforms,
but i struggle to get anything out of it yet, fixing issues takes time, but i wasted so much time already.

Those few people died, so what? To have an unreliable magical “cannon”, is no use if you wanna gain substantual progress.


I said what i said because unless you were raised in a polytheistic culture there is a good chance tour unconscious has ideas anchored in monotheistic culture. I myself am no exception to this even though i was not raised in a religious household.

If you look into the polytheistic tradtions you will find that the whole purpose of working with forces, powers, gods ect is to learn how to become a conduit for all of the energies in reality. This is what the priests, shamans, magicians in ancient times were. Conduits for the powers that exists. Their ability to channel that power concert with their desires and will is part of why they were both respected and feared. Cause not all of then were “for some greater good” cause that is not how older tradtions worked. They taught mostly to learn how to achieve a dynamic balance with the energies around them.


I asked these things, because all i keep hearing about you “real magicians”
is that you dedicate and bond with all sorts of entities and forces on a regular basis.

Even if you claim to act in own power, what i see inb the descriptions are callings to all sorts of realms and entities.

Sure, i will do whatever is fucking necessary to gain power,
if its no option to grow myself, then i might choose a similar path like you all.

But if there is a way to get what i want, then there is no need for a substitute.

~Or what am i getting wrong?


Then get to work on Bardon’s IIH, and get your ultimate power on… :roll_eyes:


love you too :roll_eyes:


I say that with love… :hugs:

The reason so many of us get in touch with spirits is because it helps accelerate a process that takes a LONG time for most of us. If you were doing the work, you would know this through experience.

Work with IIH for a few months, and you’ll be chanting to the gods and demons to help speed things up as well. :laughing:


Tmw sorry not sure I want to post about dreams here! puppies indeed. more like click bait?! lol just kidding. there really were pups in my dream this morning.


if i can post weird stuff without a point, and get away with it since April 2017, then everyone can :smiley:
~besides, it might inspire people in unthought ways


Well thoughts, they are the most random thing in the universe aren’t they? :wink:


puppies are indeed pretty random :3


not if you dream about them, that isn’t so random as you may think it is. normally but if a dream is planted in your mind then… anything goes. someone made a comment here yesterday about her pup jumping up on her… Silent. :open_mouth:


You see all these forces and entities existing solely outside of self and thus not a part of your power.

This :point_up_2:in my experience is a half truth. My perspective in a nut shell is one where these are forces within AND outside of self simultaneously. I have also found other traditions hold a similar perspectives and with this as part of my foundation i have gotten tangible results to improve my life.

I used to have a simlar view as you a little over a decade ago but results were inconsistent and spotty at the best of times.


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