That Moment When 2

My ex is the douche. Not u. Jeez.

Did I?

Don’t think I’m offended lol

Try a freeze spell. That tends to work.

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Nuh. Just not trying to start anything. Kinda my personality. :kissing_heart:

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Can u PM me example of one? I haven’t done that b4. Thanks.


That moment when…you are still looking for spiritual direction :thinking:

Azazel, Belial, Cthulhu…so many choices…

That moment when…it might be time to call Abartala the Guiding Spirit…


The torches will light the way. (I said that for a reason)

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I don’t understand the reference but thanks.

That’s who I felt when I read that.

Very interesting. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Tmw you find inspiration for a future project for when ya explore norse magick later down the line :japanese_ogre: :thinking: invoking the dwarves before making a Mjolnir hammer for working with thor. :alien:


@Dinmiatus that would be hella cool

This is the kind of lunacy i aim to explore when i finally have a place i can begin crafting :alien:

All kinds of crazy ideas bubbling around in here just can’t test um out at this time. For example one i had awhile back was a either a scrying globe or mirror made with various crystals and sympathetic links to specific energies mixed straight into the glass when it is melted while anchoring the energies of the specific force/realm or entity to be worked with into the glass during the process. Dunno for sure if this could be done but i look forward to finding out later down the line. :alien:

It would be very work intense but the results would be potentially very potent.


You can invoke the dwarves or Thor himself for that. Both work equally well. I invoked both Thor and the dwarves when I forged my mjolnir pendant, leaving them offerings and such as well.

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:thinking: the idea of invoking the dwarves made more sense to me since it was them who made many of the weapons for the gods. Something to consider when i start exploring this though thanks. :alien:

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Banishing rituals are the magickal equivalent of no u
think about that :thinking:

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That moment when you see a dark grey Saturn with the license plate evlhalo and nobody else in the car understands why you are giggling.