That feeling when you’re so blindsided by “ good luck” and “ coincidences”

It’s really things like this that make me question how much power you have over your reality and restores my faith in magic and other forces in the universe.

So as dumb luck , if you want to call it that , would have it after getting kicked out of my last place by someone I thought was a close friend over personal issues with his wife , a good buddy from work was the first to step up and rent me out a room in his crib.

Not only that but he knows someone in the trade union I’m trying to join. He mentioned this awhile ago but must of forgot as he never got me in touch with the dude.

Here’s where crazy luck comes in, his wife knows someone high up in management for the same trade union and he lives down the street…

If I would have never moved in with this guy I would have never found this information out … crazy to think

Depending where you live , union work can be feast or famine so in San Diego you can get a great interview score and it can still take years to start schooling and otj training but if you know someone … well… you can be placed in the next class of apprentices

I can’t tell if I want it so bad that the universe just bent to my will or if king paimon played a part when I pretty much just asked him to help me get in at the top of the candidate list.

Wouldn’t be the first time he’s come through this strong for me in a way I didn’t foresee.

I don’t want to jinx it too much and obsess because I haven’t even talked to the man yet but I will say this.

everyone wants that near 6 figures in San Diego but being so close to the border the union doesn’t have a huge market share… so not enough work for everyone.

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Wow, lucky you.