Thanks to Saint Michael Arch angel Michael

I’ve never really given much thought to dealing with angels especially being on this forum. Ive always had a thing for Saint Michael though. As a kid My Grandmother would tell me stories about him and my great aunt was a nun that had a lot of love for him. Ive used him for revocation candles to send back negativity but never thought to use him for any kind of healing work. I just started working out again and I’ve been hitting the gym hard not playing any games,lifting real heavy anyway last night I over did it. I felt something rip in my traps followed by a hot pain almost like someone was stabbing me in the back with a knife. I WAS fucked up. I went home and was lieing on my bed afraid how bad it was going to become in the days to follow. I’ve injured myself like that befor and it took me weeks to heal from it in the past.
I was siting in bed looking at this forum on my phone and something caught my eye. It was a post about Arch Angel Michael. Usually I dont care about angels and stuff like that because like I said demons are my thing on here. But I read the post about Michael and fell asleep in pain. I woke up acouple hours later from the pain in my back and a voice told me to call out to Michael and ask him to heal me. So I took the advice and asked him to help me. I woke up in the morning feeling alittle sore but not in extreme pain like I was 4 hours previousely. Last time i had in injury like this I was in pain for weeks. Thank you Saint Michael.


The Arch Angels are probably the only Angels I’d work with, especially Michael, it’s just Michael is awesome.
He’s brutally honest, protective, and doesn’t mind working with Satanist or Black Magicians.

I’ve heard he’s even given the same advice that Some demons have also given to the said Sorcerer.
If you guys have not worked with Michael or any of the Arch Angels don’t hesitate he’s Great.

keep in mind Michael, and the Other Archangels do not work with the Demiurge/ Judeo Christian Islamic monotheistic God, They are Beyond the Demiurge they were not created by that thing.

So don’t worry give it ago!

(note: sorry for bringing this post from the dead lol)