Thanks to Paimon

I did an evocation of Paimon just thanking him publicly for comeing through. Even when i do the evocation with incense. I feel more comfortable closing my eyes and just siting there. I feel I dont have to speak either just think and relay everything Telepathicly. does any one else do this too?

First, congrats about your success. Well, many times and dont speak a single word to the spirit. I just remain in silence and seems like we both understand each other. Seems actually that from the moment I was to do the Evocation the spirit knew what it was all about, and as I tend to divinate prior to the Evocation to see how that spirit can help me and how I can retribute it, no word has to be said.

Befor I did the evocation I started chanting to myself Paimon Paimon Paimon for like 20 minutes just geting ready then I got everything ready started buring the incemse and I felt him like Hello I’m here waiting for you. The way it happened was a little of a coinceidence. But thats the way that my other evocation got results too. this is my second evocation and I got results instanly. I’m going to keep doing them.