Thanks to Opfaal for helping control lust/obsession! Should I call on him regularly?

I give thanks to Opfaal who I only found 2 days ago who has helped me with lusting after results and compulsive behaviour! I have been obsessing over a love target for a while now and it got to the point where despite having successfully to get her talking to me and open again twice before using magick after messing up… I messed up a third time, this time I was really worried… I had sent her 9 texts without reply on Whatsapp, worried I was being shut out completely and she was about to block me or tell me not to contact her ever again… yesterday I asked Opfaal to help me with my behaviour… I sent her a very sincere message, telling her I was selfish, dumped too many emotions on her etc also used a Damon Brand Words Of Power “make her kinder spell”. Opfaal made me to not check my Whatsapp the entire day- which I’ve never been able to do before- therefore avoiding temptation to send her any followup messages- or compulsive,ly checking my phone- until she replied- opened my phone this morning, and she ended the shutout with a message saying in fact she was not annoyed at me!!

Given I do seem to have problems in this area of lusting and obsessiveness/overworrying in general would people recommend I call on him regularly e.g. daily or until the feelings are completely under control?


General rule of thumb with spirits: if you call them and they respond well (meaning you two get along well), work with them as long as you feel necessary. If achieving one task is enough, leave it at that. If you wish to learn more or develope traits from them, work with them often.


I think I will develop a relationship with him for certain. I think I need to work with Belial more often too as he will help me remove the target’s doubts about me, though the first time I invoked him, my mental state was not good at all and maybe he wasn’t able to do his magick because I was so obsessively thinking about it that I nullified it.


Possibly. Belial can be a great ally to have in your corner.