Thanks To Mammon And Astaroth for The Win

Great guidance through Astaroth And Mammon for whispering a few set of numbers. I won 600$. Thanks You Mighty Spirit


That’s amazing. Congratulations! For the future, no need to open a thread for giving thanks to a spirit. There’s a thread for that here :

Thank you,

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Sorry i did not know.


It’s ok thanks for your understanding. Congratulations again on your wonderful success


Would you please walk me through what you did in your ritual?

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I did a full evocation of both spirits asking them to let me know the real outcome of the lottery I needed. I charged their sigils with blood then I wore the mammon s sigil and put the astaroth sigil under my bed before i sleep. Around 4am I had a whispers I was half asleep at the time, and it was a set of numbers. So I played the same numbers for about 3 consecutive days, on the 3day I won.


Is it interesting information, I will remember it, I think very few people will continue to play the numbers for next times