Thanks To Goddess Kali

Hey all, for the past few months since 2019 I’ve had a call towards Goddess Kali and initially I wasn’t keen to work with her as I was focusing on Hindu warrior folk gods but my mind & heart just kept going to her.

I bought Baal Kadmon’s Kali Mantra Magick and was still hesitant to build a relationship with her and after procrastinating for a while and falling into a deep depression , I decided to reach out to her.

It’s only been a short while that I’ve been invoking her energy but I can tell there’s a change in the way I feel as well as consciously working on my destructive behaviors (pills, alcohol, smoking, terrible diet etc) . After chanting her Beej mantra ‘KREEM’ for 108 times the change was apparent.

She’s also helped me with regaining my courage to do the things I’ve always wanted to but either procrastinated or never did due to my addictions.

Baal Kadmon’s book is really informative and helpful to start off with but I recommend purchasing his audio programme as well to make sure you’re chanting some of the longer mantras correctly as the book does have some errors.

Initially when I worked with her, I asked her to give a sign that I’ve actually reached out to her and I always tend to stumble across Kali devotional songs on the radio, almost like a sign of confirmation.

This post is to tell her thanks and to share with y’all.