Thanks to Clauneck!

I recently did an evocation to Clauneck for help with growing my business and getting out of my day job.

The very next day someone emailed me. An old client of mine had referred her to me. We just talked today and she signed up!

It’s just the start but I was shocked how quickly something happened.

I’ve also had someone ask about a program I’m starting, but that one hasn’t resolved yet. Still, it was another opportunity and I’m still hopeful.

I wanted to publicly say thanks to Clauneck for helping me so quickly. I’ve literally been trying for months to get new business, with very little success.

Thinking about a pact with him but not sure yet. I’m still very new to all this.


Hey @Melektoth, see how this goes and after a while you can always do a pact. Don’t hurry, just discover.

Congrats :slight_smile:


Agree! You should know him better.Impressive experience,congrats!


Congrats I think I may call on him some time cause I want to build a business to well start one lol