Thanks to AMON! He did his job so fast And Thanks to Eligos :)

I called Amon to bring all my friends back. After 2 Weeks came the results. He don´t just reconcile friends he refresh the friendships too. I mean that friends who don´t had contact with you anymore they announce you to spend time with them. So a big thanks to AMON. You do your job very well and fast. I miss some friends but i know that they come back soon. If you got problems with friends or foes so call Amon. Results are so fast.

And a big Thanks to Eligos. He works fast too. I had a fight with someone who is very dangerous. I punched him in the face and he punched me around the lips and nose. I bleedet out of my lips and nose. The police came to notice that and i did a legal proceedings to him. Since then he threated me to break my legal proceedings at him. I have try to break it but it was not possible. That was a big problem because he didn´t live in my city and came extra to my city to threat or punch me. He always seeked me as he was in my city… but i had friends who warned me to stay at home. You see that was very difficult to me to go out in the city. My city is more a village if you wonder why i was so scared that he could find me. One day he stopped me by feet with his car. And said to me that he wanted to hit me again if he see me alone. On that day i was angry because the legal proceedings didn´t stop him to come. I thought to the occultism and know that some entities could help me. I read about the different abilities by the demons/ancient gods. And i was decide to call Eligos. Eligos is very unknown at least. But he has the abiltiy to protect you or win a war (not physically) especially for a legal proceedings. I remember that at the 1st september 2018 i have meet the son of b… a last time. . I called on that day eligos to let him stay away from me. The results was immediately there. 7 months ago i don´t meet or see him in my city again. Im so thankful… to Eligos. I will show the 2 Spirits my honor to buy the sigils made of canvas. Put that in a Picture Frame and hang it on the wall.