Thanks for the tip on sallos

today I invoked him and felt his presence I used his sign and let a red candle I held a piece of silver in my left hand and I felt his presense I printed out a photo of my estranged wife and concentrated how I want her to love me and only me and her sexual desires are for me only. I offered him some juice but what he wanted my wife he wants to have sex through me I felt this energy go from my head to my groin and I had naughty pics of her up on my screen. Lets see how this goes is this unusual ?


meet with her today and ended up in a screaming match
the more I try to tell her how I feel about her the more she fights with me
I know she is seeing some one else so I did a separation jar and I also Did ammonia jar regarding the situation I got sweet jar and now I tried a binding jar with her picture and my urine. Am I fucking up sallos groove with all these jars?

What happened with you and your wife?

divorced that shipped sailed long ago and I had plenty of girlfriends since than.

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