Thanks eligos

Hello, this post is for thanking the great duke Eligos from Goetia, I asked hime to reveal me some hidden things and he accomplished everything as promised in the grimoire Goetia, he works wonders very fast, I recommend him for any work related with discovering hidden things, Thanks again Eligos

:open_mouth: interesting, i wonder what kind of hidden things can he reveal - or what was the case now?

He can discover things that are hidden from you, that you wouldn’t be able to know otherwise, I understand that anything related to: plots, enemies, relationships, and much more.

In my particular case this was related to discovering the conection of 2 hidden enemies of long ago (this eniminity with one of them, was supposed to be finished already, but I was wrong as he was playing with me), Eligos lead me to discover their conection by the most nonsensical way, and guided by my very own enemy

eligos is fucking incredible. he not only explains things you had no way of knowing, he can put you in contact with very powerful people in the highest levels of society. i highly recommend him to anyone, as long as you understand he does not have ANY time for shady people. he rules over the type of people who destroy shadiness and demand justice and power. so if you want to be shifty and conniving, eligos may not be for you. if you are just and respect the powers that be, call him and he will teach you many things most will never know.