Thanks and some personal questions

So , firstly, I have spent my life feeling like an outsider. In the short while I have been on this forum, I have begun to feel a sense of belonging and self worth I have never felt anywhere before. So I would like to thank you all for making me feel welcome and even happy.
Secondly, there are only two things I really want in life.
The first is to have my best friend by my side as my lover( he is straight- I am gay),or at the very least just back as my dearest friend again. We have been friends for over 20 years and I have always loved him from the sidelines ( yes he does know I am gay) and knows how I feel about him and has always accepted it until now that his current girlfriend suddenly has an issue with having me around. It hurts alot ( unbearably to be honest), but I am trying to cope with it. We always shared a very close bond, although not sexually, but definitely more than just an ordinary friendship.
The second , being able to take care of my ( retired but not by choice) parents and my son( adopted after his father( also a very dear friend) passed away from a drug overdose. I recently have also been retrenched and am now trying to get my business going. I am a chef at heart and have started a small restaurant. My dream ofcourse is to build a network of fast food restaurants with my friend.

Anyway, here I feel secure enough to allow an insight into my life.
Now for the questions:

  1. I have had a rather strict christian upbringing, but have never felt like I belonged. Yesterday and today, i cast my first spells, and felt really positive about their outcomes, aswell as feeling like I have found my calling. I would like to know how safe it is to summon Lucifer as a beginner, as I would really like to learn from him. The spells I cast today, were cast in his name( I felt like he wanted me to do it that way), but maybe because of my upbringing I still have a residual fear. And how do I contact him respectfully and would he be willing to teach me?
  2. How safe is it to work with demon magick? Obviously I still have a lot to learn, but I am willing.
  3. What do demons require as payment for services and how do I set up a contract for these services with them?
  4. Which demons would be best to ask for help in my personal areas of need - namely confidence, self esteem, self improvement ( both emotionally -I am a very emotional and sometimes volatile person and struggle to control my emotion-and physically - weight, looks, sexual attractiveness), financial issues, and issues in my so ( for lack of a better word) non- existent love life?
    I apologise for the length of this message, and understand that one person will probably not be able to answer all my questions, but anywhere is a good start.
    I look forward to any and all advice. Thanks again.

I believe that for confidence, self esteem and improvement you may contact the 9 Gatekeepers starting with Belial; after him there is/are Amaymon and also, precisely, Lucifer. By working with each gatekeeper for some months you would progress in other areas too. Or, about financial issues, Bune, Clauneck, Lucifuge, Mammon; and for love life Sitri, Gremory, Beleth.
According to E. A. Koetting the spirits are satisfied with carrying out jobs corresponding to their powers. Other point of views “feature” offering them a candle or incense used in the very ritual of either evocation or invocation of an entity, some energy of the magician or food: for example verbally offer it, leave that on a table and throw (or burn/bury it) when stale.

Thank you . Appreciated

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