Thanking Santa Muerte

For the last few weeks I’ve been seeing her in vivid dreams.

A reading with the wandering fool confirmed she’d like me to make her an altar.

She’s helped me greatly. She’s helped bring peace to my home. She’s helped my mothers health and protected me people wishing to cause me harm.

Her altar is a work of love in my room with tea lights, flowers, etc to give her thanks.

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I want to thank her aswell… she’s helping me a lot with my ex girlfriend… I’m not saying that I’m back with her but a week ago she didn’t wanted to see my face and today she told me that she loves me so, huge progress there. I plan to worship Santa Muerte until the day I die if she’s capable of making my ex wants to be in a serious relation with me.
Anyways, thank you Santa Muerte. You’re the real deal.