Thanking Marbas and example of familiar spirit

Greetings people!

Now, I am very aware that I am not talking with dabblers here, but let it serve as a general notice: If you believe that “familiar” is a cute pet with which you feel a special connection? You’re wrong. Well, not fully, but read on.

I have been working with Marbas since more than a few months already, and while as of lately I run into some funny problems with him, he has began to show up at times and assist me with tasks that are under his sphere of influence.

Here is what happened: I was in need of a weapon capable of dealing with armed robbers. Where I live you cannot legally own a firearm and in no way I was going to risk myself in acquiring one. Instead? I’d have to build my own.

After pondering things such as a crossbow or a home made flamethrower and discarding them for different reasons, I went to sleep and lo and behold, Marbas appeared before me in my dreams. Mind that I had no intention in calling him anyhow, at least then.

A sort of film played before my eyes and I heard him say “the answer that you seek it is in the movie you’ve been seeing these days”. The scene was of Fight Club, the part where the main character gets some caustic soda on his hands… Yes, you guessed right: Motherfucking lye cannon. A pressurized canister (fire extinguisher) containing finely ground lye.

I am yet to start that project, but in case you didn’t know, Marbas is a patron figure regarding artisans and blacksmiths. Ain’t that awesome? :smiley: That is what a familiar is meant to be, a kindred spirit that will assist you even when not actively called. He also prevented an accident for me, but that’s story for another time.


Nice, also a good example that we can also learn from the movies that we watch - It doesn’t have to be only entertainment.

Only thing i didn’t get is why this is at Love section :smiley:

Because I am a highly functioning idiot at times D: Good god I misposted.

Either that or because of my love for destructive devices. But mostly the first reason. Holy fuck.

Great motivating story.

Isnt it a feeling of “oneness” when your open enough to “know” the signs that are just waiting for us to tap into I believe this brings us a step closer to becoming our own living God/Goddess in the here and now.