Thanking Lucifer, Belial, & Bune

Hello Everyone,

I feel so blessed since I began working with Lucifer, Belial, and Bune. My legal issues have come to an end and financially I’m doing better. My records are being sealed and destroyed. Lucifer and Belial continue to look after me and remove toxic people from my life. I don’t question why these people have been removed, I just thank them. Fuck those people! Yesterday, we had a Xmas party at work. I was gifted two items that I have been wanting to buy. A set of speakers that I can use for guided meditation with my clients. I always borrow my co-worker’s speakers. I was also gifted a car vacuum cleaner. My cousin borrowed my vacuum cleaner and never gave it back ugh! But, those two items had been in the back of my mind for the last 2 months and they manifested. So, thanks Bune, Lucifer, and Belial.


Great work!



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