Thanking King Belial & others

I’d like to announce my thanks for this new over 900 dollar worth completely free pc that i asked for, i remember asking this from King Belial so i believe it is him - yet if it was someone else i’d like to thank those forces as well ( i can’t hear demons quite yet ) but yeah come into my dreams and tear me out of my body and tell me how do you want to be thanked. ( Also when asking this i thought that i shall do a thread for Belial so i owe him this for all the helphe has given me - and he is someone that has been shown to answer the call by causing sleep paralyzis and now this )

Anyways for others to know my method of asking this was mainly rituals and sigil gazing with belial, i also saw a dream about this new pc bit earlier than i got it and imagined … touching it, in non sexual way. I also use loa a little bit (telling myself i’m rich and stuff, just casually when i walk by the mirror “you are rich indeed”) ( i also don’t toss/burn sigils away but i carry them with me )

Anyways big thanks to King Belial and other spirits for protecting me and giving me prosperity - ( they have already saved my phone 2 times this year when i have dropped it drunk… )

Now, lets see some more progress on evocation and soul travel… And spells of other section, but that is totally different thread all together.

One thing that i also do sometimes besides speaking and imagining, i might write the things that i want - even draw, just some thoughts on different sort of methods…

That’s great, Black Flame. Congratulations, it sounds like you’ve got a good thing going with King Belial et al.

You and others who know King Belial might find this interesting. So, I’m still getting to know him. Rather than depend too much on everyone else’s account of him, I wanted him to tell me himself what he’s like. I asked him, “So, before the Judeo-Christian religions established their concepts of you as an evil demon, what were you like?”

He showed me a fleeting visual of Snow White, from the 1937 Disney animated movie, surrounded by adoring birds on a perfect sunny day.

So, King Belial has a sense of humor. Duly noted.

Anyway, I wanted to add my thanks to King Belial along with yours. Even though I’m still getting to know him, he’s already come through in ways that exceeded my expectations. I hope that he continues to do his thing for me, and that I get to know him better.

[quote=“Salpinx, post:2, topic:5784”]He showed me a fleeting visual of Snow White, from the 1937 Disney animated movie, surrounded by adoring birds on a perfect sunny day.

So, King Belial has a sense of humor. Duly noted.[/quote]


Yeah that sounds like him - I was amused to read this page:

You have a guy, Aaron Donahue, who’s convinced all spirits in the Goetia are aliens, and he tries to remote-view them - what does Belial show him?

Belial appeared to Aaron as a corpse, seated in a space ship. On his web site at [url=,],[/url] Donahue said he sensed that Belial was dead. "A strange green hue is noted surrounding the first of Belial suggesting radiation. . . The technology associated with Belial is alien or 'angelic.'"

Here the plot thickens, however. Without explanation, Donahue also writes that while he feels Belial is dead, he says “another has taken the place of Belial. . . It is possible that a human like version of Belial now exists.”

Examination of Donahue’s remote viewed drawing of Belial, indeed, indicates a lifeless form at the window of a craft. Unanswered is why this powerful spirit is reduced to no more than a corpse and when this happened.

It’s relayed dead-pan, neither Donahue nor that author seem to have seen the humour in it all!

Haha! I checked out the link Lady Eva. The remote viewed drawing really brings home the punchline.

King Belial almost got me with that Snow White thing, too. At first I doubted my vision, and thought, “Wait. Cartoon Snow White… that can’t be right.” I got the joke about 3 seconds later in a delayed reaction.

Good to know other people got a similar humorous response from him. I must be on the right track.

Congrats on your success!

Yeah I don’t burn sigils either unless working with a spirit I don’t plan on calling back any time soon. I keep mine, stored away in custom made envelopes that I make from scratch then I decorate the envelope with something that represents the spirit that the sigil is for.