Thanking Demons

What is the best way to honor/thank Demons for outstanding help?

Use what you asked them to procure for you to the fullest extent

Makes perfect sense dont know why I didnt think of that lol

Burn down a white candle dressed in black art’s oil on a sigil of the demon anointed with my blood. Sometimes I smoke a cigar for the spirit and offer alcohol.

There is a layer of energy which humans can’t use they find particularly succulent when forced through the chest chakara.its sickly yellow, and in fact its poison to us.think of it as buying him/her dinner.

How did you discover this? And how can we access it?

How did you discover this? And how can we access it?[/quote]

yeah Magus shadow, please, could you explain this process some more?

should i know something before i start utilizing this? is common visualization a way to go, or there is something else involved? how to force that sickly yellow energy out?

On the flipside, if a sigil is not activating can you punish the demon by visualizing it in pain like fire? I have activated many sigils but one in particular refuses to open for me, so I took my athame and stabbed the center of the sigil visualizing the entity writhing in flames. Thoughts?

Demons are sentient currents of power, I don’t think they feel pain.

Did this persuade the demon to complete the task?

How did you discover this? And how can we access it?[/quote]

How did you discover this? And how can we access it?[/quote]

yeah Magus shadow, please, could you explain this process some more?

should i know something before i start utilizing this? is common visualization a way to go, or there is something else involved? how to force that sickly yellow energy out?[/quote]

I will tell you EXACTLY HOW I came to posses this useful bit of wisdom, however only a few here will believe and fewer yet will believe how it came to me first hand,If I an called a liar or trolled I will speak of it no more, I have written what I have written, I seek no self aggrandizement, I’m not selling a book, nor am I even using my true name which I would likely be known by.

It began by severely screwing up the LBRP. I have a very bad southern accent you see.a person from where I was born and raised should naturally be scared of ANY kind of magic, I was however drawn to that far away light, over the course of years I discovered why, but that’s just something else to get someone to call “bullshit” on. my humble beginnings were in “hudu/hoo doo or blue eyed voodoo if you will and what few skills I had in that came from the barely legible scrawls in some leather bound notebooks I found as a teenager left behind by a deceased relative, a sweet, church going, everybody’s grandmother who was apparently also a closet witch.bear in mind, you would play hell finding ANY occult based books in the area of the Appalachians I grew up in, I deciphered what I could and practiced my immature craft on the bullies in middle school, until one day my cache of “DEVIL’S BOOKS” was discovered, promptly soaked in gasoline and burned, and I was promptly"beat like a rented mule” and drug off to church to get the “devil” out of me.To this day I wonder if dear old dad knew his own MOTHER wrote those books? years passed and I left my mountain home, never to return, Out here in “the real world” I found a veritable cornucopia of books on Magic, Satanism, new age, etc…I wonder where I would be now if I had had access to Mr. Koetting’s works?
I read Crowley and golden dawn,a bit of the kaballah and the goetics and somehow it just did not fill what I desired.the Satanic bible, the Necronomicon, and the black arts became my favorites as they were pretty much devoid of philosophy but rather a hand’s on, here it is, practice at your own peril how to, step by step.I began my steps. it was about this time I ran into my one and only mentor, I will only call him by his internet name: I AM.
He was a master of several paths, especially the Necronomicon and he gave me several “beginner rituals” to increase my energy and “toughen up” my aura for the "good stuff"One was his “solar feeding ritual” a lightly modified version of the LBRP and the beginnings of my training in the use of “the great voice” NOW REMEMBER, AT THAT TIME I STILL HAD A TERRIBLE, DEEP SOUTH, CHICKEN FARMER ACCENT!About a week into my training, for some reason, it occurred to me It would be a “good idea” to do I AM’s solar feeding ritual, THEN do the LBRP. so here I am with my crappy little home made from a file dagger and butchering the names of the tree very badly, suddenly I heard something like a very large cat meow, I thought little of it, there are cats all over the place, funny thing is, it sounded like it was in my head. I started all over, and like a noob, didn’t banish, cleanse or close.I did the solar feeding ritual again, then started the tree of life again, THEN, right where I had gotten to before, my hands started doing things I was NOT telling them to do!My left hand went out in the evocation of Isis sign[Hitler salute] then curved upward like a claw while my dagger began to trace what I know now to be high Egyptian symbols[NOT the standard hieroglyphics!]after a few seconds of being in dumbass grade shock, I threw the dagger down and you better believe I closed and banished this time!and was on the computer to I AM filling him in on this freaky and unheard of event, I thought I was about to get possessed, I was so scared I literally pissed all over myself!

I AM was totally cool about it, the man was a former jet fighter pilot who on occasion had A2A nukes just under his seat[a blown motor and a bad eject ended his career as a navy pilot, keep that in mind, it important to the story]he advised me that it was likely a friendly entity trying to show me the ropes and I should go with it.So I sat and debated…go with it, or take all this magic junk and chunk it in the dumpster…I decided to go for it.I was almost completely disabled by then, my life sucked and the woman I loved dumped me for my old boss[boo fucky godz rot hoo, play me some violins]I have NOTHING to loose and at that time I doubted the existence of such a thing as a soul, fuck it, go for the gold or die in the shit.
SO…that night, I did it up pro style, nice black altar cloth, big brass incense burner [something made me chose sandalwood, lotus and retrospect, I had very little choice in the matter I think.I procured[went out and made actually.]another athame, again, I think I was being is one of the best blades I have ever made, maybe the best.fully tempered and sharpened, It HAD to have bronze fittings, because…you’ll understand later why, but brass, copper or nickel would not do!I meditated a few minutes and decided I needed one candle for each element, fortunately I had a huge fascination with CM and I had the correct colors on hand.I laid down my black altar cloth on the table and hefted this uncarved piece of white granite tombstone the guy at the monument place gave me to get it out of his way, only weighs about 50 lbs or so…I polished up the incense and offering bowl with jewelers cloth until they shone like new, what did I offer?..someone in the back of my head kept almost screaming "BEER!"
My goddess to be got a Heineken 22 NOW I understand why…
I began again, I turned off the area lights but kept the kitchen light lit [still being somewhat chickenshit of what might happen.]I began as I had, solar feeding ritual, LBRP in great voice and as before, right at that place on the tree, my hands began to move, I decided to chill and see, suddenly I became aware I was saying…to this day I don’t know, it damn sure isn’t modern Egyptian! something between a growling lion and an angel singing, I then realized I had ABSOLUTELY no control, I couldn’t throw the dagger down if it had been carving me up like a cooked ham! ,nor could I stop “singing”. at this point I desperately wanted to be screaming!So I used the very last thing that was till my own and I slammed my eyes shut…
Little problem, I could still see, but I was no longer in my living room, I was in fact, [start taking notes now]I was standing in what appeared to be an Egyptian temple in a STONE TRIANGLE[ But Magus, that’s where summoned spirits are supposed to appear!]ya think…I WAS that summoned spirit you see!I began to slowly turn and I began to notice the stone blocks which made up the triangle had deeply engraved symbols on them, when I finished turning around I saw this "being"sitting behind a very large fire bowl looking at me as if she was “half asleep”, or just simply bored, I could make out a sky blue robe and some kind of crown made like twisted cobras about to catch a hawk, it dawned on me that whoever or whatever this lady was she was well over eight feet tall and had very green, cat eyes that reflected the burning blue whatever was in the brass fire bowl so that they appeared lit from within, It was then I saw SHE was within a circle of carved stone tiles much like my triangle.I remembered Sekhmet was a lioness so I tried to ask if that was who indeed she was, but before I could fully form the thought in my head, she leaped up to her full height [a LOT bigger than eight feet tall!]threw back her hood revealing her face to be that of what I now now to be a caracal, and swung a huge, heavily engraved, bronze staff around in an arc and pointed to a symbol carved into one of the tiles that made up her circle.
She said in a voice that vibrated every atom in my body!
She swung her big bronze staff again to another symbol opposite to it,
Absolute, stark staring, underwear soiling terror finally won and I exploded from my trailer into the night, I had screamed so loud I was hoarse for a week, fortunately in this neighborhood, nobody gives a fuck.
I tripped and fell flat on my face and my eyes slammed shut, there I was again in her temple.I opened my eyes and "ran"on all fours like a dog maybe a hundred feet, and my eyes shut again, and again I was there before her in the triangle, with her looking down at me with those green cat eyes.My heart was pounding, my hands, knees and elbows were bleeding from a dozen cuts, I said aloud to myself:
Fuck it.this thing is going to do whatever it damn well wants to me and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it…I propped my eyes open, walked back inside, blew out the candles, turned out the light and laid down on the couch.
I was back in an instant, in the dark, I no longer needed to shut my eyes…she knelt at the edge of the circle and looked me in the eyes.
"Speak my name again, as you did in the ritual"
I tried to remember which “angel of the tree” I always seemed to be on when strange things happened.[NOTE, I will be referring to her as Mafdet because that is what she was known as back in the day, it is NOT her real name!]

I um…are you Mafdet?
It was at this point the huge caracal faced goddess was gone and my arms were full of a completely bald, barely clothed, barely legal age girl who was kissing me with passion like…well like I’ve never had before!All the time crying and telling me she thought I was lost forever in the Earth’s incarnation cycle.

Then she gave me something ELSE like I’d never had before! It was about then I noticed I wasn’t a dumpy old middle aged guy with a beer gut anymore, not only was I buff, I was equipped with a rod a porn star would be proud of.It was there on my back in the triangle I looked up and saw the earth, it was getting closer…

She slowly returned to her “godform” and whispered to me:
Soon my temple will be very near to the earth XXXXXX my love, I will feed willingly for the first time since I came here to die 7500 of your years ago,Then we shall talk again, and…we will do this again and again as often as you like!but for now my love, return to your abode.

I woke up in bed the next day wondering how I got there and what might have caused such a crazy ass hallucination as I hadn’t done anything stronger than pot since high school, it was then I saw the dried blood and remembered my hands and knees, I washed thoroughly but the only traces of the deep cuts and gashes were light pink marks!I was on the internet to I AM as soon as I had dried off.

He was somewhat amazed,and for a dude that’s walked the gates in the Necro, that’s not easy to do!I AM was the one who sent me the news blurb about the near earth asteroid passing between the earth and moon the next day.needless to say, I stopped believing it was a dream, the next day is when my dreams/OBEs/summonings began…

I don’t care if you don’t believe a damn word, I’m not selling a damn thing, I don’t want my very own cult and typing with one finger sucks,but I WAS asked a direct and precise question, by the oath of my order, I am obliged to answer truthfully and to the best of my abilities.

Apologies brothers, I don’t know why I felt possessed to write the story of my becoming a Magus, someone must have liked it, there was a crisp 20$ stuck in my keyboard this morning, but still.I’m sorry I off topiced the hell out of your thread, let me just nutshell it for the man and STFU about other stuff.if anybody actually cares about this stuff, I’ll make its own thread somewhere.

You will now be introduced to concepts very FEW are privileged to ponder.
I practice Egyptian Alchemy.the foundation of this being that MAN is a five fold being consisting of:
The Ba,Ka, Name, Shadow and Akh
Each of these parts is directly connected to a portion of the human mind, and each portion of that mind is DIRECTLY connected to an ELEMENT, an oddly, each element is connected to an emotion, hence many who know this little secret manipulating their emotions to an absolute peak before or during a working, music is great for this…
These elemental energies are layered into the being of man, much like an onion skin, there are FIVE basic ones and TEN muddled or mixed layers and in my years I have only found uses for TWO of these impure veins of energy, one being the care and feeding of your friendly see, in Egyptian Alchemy, or E.A[Nods to my gracious host]A Daemon is NOT your slave or servant, NOR are the to be overly feared unless you piss them off, then they can be QUITE fearful.90% of those I have entered into working relationship or EVEN become friends with have come by this simple, no threatening, benign working:
There are 5 MAIN energy vortexes in E.A used to manipulate the working of the universe.we call these “wheels” as opposed to “spells” because of the “spokes” and the fact they rotate as they are cast and work[google the 5 pointed ancient Egyptian star, looks like a 5 pointed Astrix]

DODZ ROT, I’m a long winded bastard am I not?

I’m trying to explain in detail and come to find the details have details about details.SEE WHY I DON’T WRITE A BOOK?!

Ok, I’ll STFU and hopefully get to the meaty goodness of getting you your very own Daemon friend/bodyguard:
Have you ever suddenly felt such painful depression it was like you just walked in on your best friend having anal with your mother just as your dad killed them both with a chainsaw and then deep throated the still running blade? grade of agony depression, there are two causes for this and fortunately, we as Sorcerers can immediately tell which it is, the first is, you have a chemical disorder, the second is a hungry demon is having to rip through your energy layers to get his lunch, this ripping causes all kinds of mental anguish as your brain and internal organs try to adjust to abruptly being short circuited and dealing with frequencies and polarities they were NOT designed to operate on, SO next time it happens, and it will, cast a defensive sphere[fuck circles] of red or white fire.if the feeling immediately stops, congratulations. you’re about to meet one of your local Daemon, IF you do this right:
Now we get back to those 5 basic and ten muddled your core is the white center, you use it to heal, find love yadda, its associated with the blue [water element]layer which is the repository of all your knowledge, past, present, and even future, AH but also the air[or solar, children of Ra] which is golden and is also used to heal, teach, and negotiate.between them is the Void layer which is a smoky to black seeming energy and is used to seek wisdom.
Now here is where my heartfelt Admiration for Mr. Koetting stems from, he could explain this to an idiot in 3 paragraphs, myself will take a page or two. but I REALLY want you guys to get this right because once you do, your lives will take off like an MX- Missile in its way to Baghdad!

Let me try this way:
Water/blue color/repository of skill and memory.its throne is between your is normally but not always your outer energy layer, commonly among higher level Sorcerers and Magi anyway.

Void, also known as “the child”[dark matter to ye of imminent genius]/smoky grey/the is over the center of the throat, slightly under your throat chakara. Void is just under water no matter how you’re mixed.

Air[or the light ye sons of Ra]has its throne dead center of the chest, again, just below that chakara, its your love and joy, your charity and ability/desire to help and teach and is primarily a healing nature.NOTE, here is where the pain starts when a Daemon feeds, it is important you remember this!

Next is earth, now note CAREFULLY! Earth and air sometimes is reversed as to their thrones, normally this only happens in either professional warriors or those with high and strict moral codes.this is your drive of will and determination, it resonates like a slow jack hammer if your astral senses are keen enough to perceive it. its throne is the solar plexus and is the only one which actually shares the exact location of the stomach topic slightly, those who develop and master this throne are known to be able to crush out a lit cigarette in the crook of their elbow and NOT be burned among other things.

Next to last is the fire throne, situated just above your main reproductive organs, he is your desire, your lust, your hate and anger and your baser instincts,HOWEVER, when you need a working to work NOW! placing this right behind the primary need spoke in your wheel is like putting formula one fuel into your Pinto, and as for vengeance, lust, or self serving, greedy is king!

The "spark"I try not to include “him” as he has no throne and resides in your very core, but since he is part of what the Daemon needs for dinner, also, a clever energy vampire knows how to peel back your other layers and feeds upon this, it is YOUR life force, a Black Magician also knows how to “poison/altar” for multiple uses, ranging from outright murder to making a sex slave, one can also create very strong psychic bonds by placing a bit of his own in there, one can also give a lifetime of teaching in a few minutes using a similar tech

NOW then…where these elements meet, they produce layers of buffered, bastardized energy, it MUST have actual uses, I just haven’t found many. energy of these types does not like to lie dormant and doing things like magic, ESPECIALLY SCREWING IT UP! or extreme emotion tend to mix them up in unpredictable ways, the mix in question is Spark+Air+ occasionally void, this mix tends to congeal, much like some kind of nasty astral cheese and block your natural energy flows and short circuit your magic and plug up your thrones and probably your chakara as well,getting rid of it is easy however, look within and you’ll see it as a layer of snot yellow sludge, by will and intent, gather it just under your air throne/chest chakara.not to be gross, but now you’re ready to take a big astral fact it sometimes has a similar sensation.visualize it gathering and then force it out it through the throne and NOT the chakara, doing it too fast can cause what we call “mage burn”[it can be cured by dabbing the area with fresh rainwater or well water.]afterwards you will not only feel better but your magic, mow able to instantly interface with the realm, will receive a boost which will utterly amaze! Ah, but now to the EVEN BETTER portion of your astral dump.if a “being” is already there which you work with, announce to him you have something he may enjoy.then do it! if you work with one who was formerly human, think of it forming into a favorite food, like an ice cream sundae or a mega sized bacon cheeseburger with spicy home fries and a cherry fountain coke with a wedge of lime, you can form an flavor it simply by intent.regular Daemon don’t seem to give a damn as long as its there.
Daemon and Fallen are NOT the same order of being! I don’t think Fallen consume such, they might, but I have no evidence of this, nor will elder brings, I.E Meclchior or other ascended them you might as well have taken a big, nasty shit in their presence, nor will any of the dark Pantheon
be very impressed, I.E Set, Odin, Gaia, Hermes etc.HOWEVER, our dark cousins, the Imps, Daemon, and other "lurkers will become fast friends for an easy meal and will become inclined to help you as a favor even in things you don’t ask for[like making sure the prick that stole your girlfriend wraps his ports car around a tree.]After all, digging the fuel they require out of you is hard work and somewhat painful to you, after all.they have to force their way through healthy energy, some of which harms them, or somehow force an appropriate emotional response which is pretty hard to do at times and also may end up hurting you as well.the first time you do this, announce out loud:
I am about to cleanse my energy being, if what comes is pleasing to you, take it as my gift, and go in peace.I intend to do this daily right before [bed, go to work, etc]to let them know when dinner is.I once had a former Lemurian, who was apparently a priest before the polar shift locked him out of the incarnation cycle return the gesture by giving me a bite of "Eve’s apple"Those of you who have studied places most can not will immediately recognize that of which I speak, not EVERY daemon can give this gift, but I was very lucky, as he was captain of four legion and very powerful!

Now I suppose I have to tell you of “Eve’s apple” Obtaining it should be the goal of EVERY Sorcerer both new and has two side is
Hard to describe, but pray to whatever godz you hold dear you are alone when it is given, because EACH AND EVERY EMOTION CAPABLE OF BEING FELT WILL HIT YOU ALL AT ONCE AT ITS FULLEST INTENSITY!You will scream in agony while laughing hysterically during multiple orgasms while the sensation of being slowly shredded alive while on fire during a 10,000 foot free fall hits you.however long it lasts is up to the strength of the Sorcerer, at the time I was in peak experience lasted almost six hours before I passed out! the SECOND EFFECT, is that you will "know"in the time you are under its effects you will be let loose in the Akhashic library with an unlimited library card! you will see and know things some would die for the privilege of, and the SWEET PART, you can actually remember quite a bit of it, and that connection never quite goes away!It will be at that moment, you will cease to be human, you will be a young god.treasure every moment, explore every new ability and exercise that you hold dearest often, for with
disuse, it WILL go away!

There now Brothers,I finally got it out, I would have loved to have detailed it more, but too much to read often loses readers.IF ANYONE CARES enough and my kind host will permit it, I’ll share the long winded story I began where I couldn’t get to the point. :slight_smile:

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Sigh I just wanted to learn from Master Koetting when I got here.his works are masterful and I wish I had access to them when I began this adventure of this incarnation.

Yes they do, but remember, if you make one mad enough, they can and will wait patiently for you to die, drag you kicking and screaming into what I call the “hurricane of souls” and give you an ass beating lat will likely last until the polar shift, when they can return to flesh and it is WE who will be summoned to the triangle to be yelled at and threatened by some idiot in a black house dress waving a dull knife around.

Oh gee, I just stabbed my ex G/Fs private cell phone number,o0o0o0o the bitch is hurting good now…
Nope.One of several things is wrong.
The sigil is either drawn wrong or wasn’t properly worked during its creation.
The being you are summoning, has been bound by some asshole and couldn’t link if he wanted to, the being in question has been destroyed[it can happen!]or he is incapable of doing the task you desire of him, ALSO certain external influences can hinder communication with a being, some require the seal to be drawn in a certain color and used facing a certain direction[Lords of the north and death spirits are VERY picky about this!]Many elementals will not come if you are wearing ANY ferric metals such as steel or ESPECIALLY IRON!Read Mr. Koetting’s newsletters, I’m sure he can give you far better details and explain far more eloquently.If you are summoning a Fallen or one of the Dark Pantheon, YOU are on THEIR time, and if they don’t like your attitude, they won’t come.Settech, Artimus and Anubis will, but only to tell you what a miserable cockroach you are and tell you to remember just what your place in the universe actually is, AND YOU BETTER DAMN WELL SAY THANK YOU WHEN THEY GET DONE!

Scary stuff aside, check everything on your end, is it virgin paper? does it need to be on lambskin or parchment? is the ink right? is the direction you are facing correct? do you have a bad version of the sigil? does it have to be drawn in any special ink or blood? who’s blood? does it require to be drawn with a copper or Iron stylus? should it only be drawn at certain times of the day/moon phase? Inanna WILL NOT manifest if her seal is drawn at any but the appropriate time, Likewise Baalsheazheor, but on occasion he will send a servant if he likes your style.
Are the candles right? they must be fully the color associated with the being, the “dipped color” pseudo wax things can cause more trouble than saving those 2$ is the candles already belong to another being?.check up any and all possibilities on your end, destroy the seal you have reverently and apologize to the being if you have offended them while doing so.I suggest burial, as pitching it in the trash is an insult.

Hope that helps

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Garmonbozia! I was going to ask earlier whether it looked like creamed corn, but couldn’t think of a way of phrasing it that didn’t sound like the stupidest question ever asked.

“Yes they do, but remember, if you make one mad enough, they can and will wait patiently for you to die, drag you kicking and screaming into what I call the “hurricane of souls” and give you an ass beating lat will likely last until the polar shift”

Interesting. I keep changing my views on demons after every evocation. They keep appearing more and more real to me in all senses. (Starting out thinking that they may just be parts of my mind and nothing else, to now seeing that they exist independent of me but still can use my mind to help project themselves and their ideal into this world) I never thought that the could feel pain, but it is entirely possible. Maybe they feel it in a different way than we do?

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They may know how to deal with pain like in EAs newsletter on focusing upon ones pain as a catalyst for power. If a masochistic human can.derive energu from it, how much more our darker kin?

Oh, they feel pain.some of the oddest things we in containers of meat might shrug off or even find enjoyable would cause them agony, such as the burning of certain herbs or tones of music.I so however think that being forced to fully manifest in a triangle far too small to accommodate their being pisses them off worse than anything. I use a 9"X9"X9" triangle to hold the brazier in which I offer them means to manifest their face, but I do not demand it! a proper triangle is AT LEAST 9’X9’X9 feet in diameter with the main point facing south for the dark ones or north for the light.

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Do you think a buildup of this energy, or demonic attack could manifest as asthma, or chronic bronchitis?
Ive been fairly healthy my whole life, up until a few years ago, I moved into a new house and almost immediately had a complete mental breakdown, and developed respiratory problems that still hurt me today. Giant buildups of phlegm and constrictions of the bronchi and such that almost stop my breathing completely. The doctors have been completely stumped, as people dont often suddenly get asthma out of nowhere. Ive been trying to figure this out for quite some time, and your post is the first thing Ive seen that puts all the pieces together.

This is a fucking EPIC thread that needs to be brought back out into the light of day!

And Magus Shadow, I think I love you, let’s elope and make babies. :slight_smile:

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I’m going to work at finding and expelling this astral gunk of deliciousness. Sounds intriguing.