Thanking Buné For Ancestral Help

I want to publicly thank Buné who’s recently helped me to understand some stuff about a deceased relative, by helping me to directly experience their perspective on things, and the choices they made in what were some rather constrained conditions, with a lot of pressure and personal problems holding them back.

Buné’s most commonly approached, it seems, for money, and overlooked for help in this area - the work involved wasn’t some kind of “forceful necromancy,” it was just collating some memories of my deceased family member, and allowing me to try them on so I could see how the world appeared to them.

Buné also showed me some information about my spiritual inheritance from that person, and I have hopes of working more with him (he has an unusual appearance when I see him, so I’m using the masculine pronoun for tradition’s sake) to learn more about my ancestors.

He’s been extremely helpful and I felt like he’s eager to help with this area, and doesn’t receive enough recognition for it, so, thank you Buné.

~ Wehl melan avage Bune Tasa ~


Buné is said to be in the “Avengers of Crime” category. Asmodeus is said to be her ruler.

According to what a number of mages said, she’s a female. The JOS is of the same belief: .

Buné changes appearance but a common factor is that his face is either caved in, so that the two halves are facing each other (kind of hard to describe) or occasionally a similar effect but on two stalklike necks.

I can see how someone could have arrived at the representation at the top of this page.

Initially, I was interested in finding out why one of my deceased family members has been giving me some rather bizarre advice lately, and making requests that seemed out of character for this person.

Buné called to me and I soul-travelled to see him in his chambers - he showed me a way to see what my family member experienced in life, and then some other things I’d inherited from them.

I don’t want to get into too much detail due to the nature of the questions I had, and the answers I got, but he helped me understand what was going on, and also offered to work with me more on understanding my inheritance.

So, I posted this here because I like to make money as much as the next person, but I personally think anyone who only goes to Buné to ask for that is selling themselves short, when he seems to have access to the entire spiritual inheritance of a deceased ancestor.

Buné could well be female, the site I linked above draws a parallel to the Egyptian snake goddess Buto (also called Wadjet) - if so, it’s interesting that Pharoahs (and other gods) wore her emblem on their foreheads, something E.A. mentioned in drawing parallels to the third eye, and which seems (based on my experience so far) to represent that knowledge and godhood that’s handed down through ancestral inheritance, seeking its fullest expression in each new generation.

My experience with Buné made me even stronger in my belief that the conventional view of demons is utter crap, by the way, since he was exceptionally pleasant and helpful. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the “Avengers of Crime” aspect, because none of the questions I asked were about that kind of topic, but he helped me to understand a complicated situation so I’m grateful for that and I can understand that truthfulness and avenging any crimes like theft or murder that rob a soul of expressing their full potential, especially, may be in his line of interest.

That kind of happened to my family member due to the personal problems they had, so there is a link there.

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