Thanking after a long time?

Hello everyone, I just realized that an event in the past happened because of my evocations, like 2 years ago

I don’t remember if I offered anything after the succes but I’m sure I presented offering during the evocation, do you think should I thank or offfer something after this much time?

Asking because I’m willing to work with the same demons, and wanna get with them well :slight_smile:

dont see how it could hurt if you did either one

I don’t know, would not you feel weird if you let someone pass you In the highway, and 2
years later he shows up to thank it?

Bad example but you get it, or when I evocate them for this new task, should I just thank them then?

i totally get that but i mean i would think whatever entity you asked for help from and are planning on imploring to again might still appreciate it even after this long of a time. just an opinion

No, there is no need to do so. If you made an offering during the original evocation, then you don’t have to do another.

You can, of course, give an offering for the new task, if you want to, but there is no reason to do one for the old result.

So evoking, and then mentioning a thank you, and then starting the new task with offering and all that in the same rite, it sounds good to me

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Definitively yes because time exists differently in the other realm.

Always thank them! Any spirit would be insulted by anything less, especially if you are now just realizing. I’d offer an apology as well just like a regular person.

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